Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are They... Evil?

I got into Naxx last week, but we didn't have a whole lot of success. Mostly, we just had to PuG too much which made it unorganized. No one really knew what we were doing yet, so back to the drawing board and heroics.

I did get a good picture of a famous cat hiding in the ziggurat. I sent my imp to sneak up on him and see if he was... evil. Turns out he was pretty ill tempered. You can see Fuu fuming in the background, pissed about tanking and needing a break. I gave her a good pep-talk and she got a few good things done this weekend to lift her gaming spirits.

First of all, she only needs one more elder for the title, which I'm sure she'll get today. Now, I don't care much for that kind of stuff, but she's all about it. I'm more excited that I got my DK to 74 and hope to give her a break with tanking when I can. The second thing she got done was the stupid books in Dalaran. She's now got a mini-voidwalker running around with her. I didn't see the need to camp books when I already have a large voidwalker that attacks things. Plus, I don't really use him much anyways.

I also participated in a sweet, timed heroic run of CoS. We didn't win do to a stupid trash wipe (sometimes when you're rushing... things don't go so well), but it still ended up being a very quick and fun run. Bringing a mage in there to control all those stupid respawning adds is totally clutch. Do it. Also, it makes for a decent use of Shadowflame. Yay semi-useless warlock spells!

Finally, thanks go out to Abigore over at and his guild Vae Victus for letting us tag along on retro raid night. We like to drop in on them on Fridays, and with the recent opportunity to make a DK on any realm, it was pretty easy to get a toon to 60 over there. Thus Fuu and I RP on our blood elf DK's on Friday nights and go back to experience old world stuff that we never got to see. It's one of those things I suggest people do, just because. Often times, especially on a non-RP server, there is little push to go back to these old runs. Acheivements? Maybe. Loot? Definitely not. Perhaps a random rare drop. Still, they're fun and its good content to see. Bust out of the phat-lewts-or-die lifestyle and just go have some fun :-). Here is a good picture of my toon, Decedor Duskrunner, after successfully slaying the dragon (the corpse despawned really fast, but I thought it was still a cool pic).

For the Sin'dorei


  1. I wish there was a way to steal Mr. Bigglesworth... for keeps. Muwahaha. Muwahahaha. Muwahahahaha!

    Ahem. Gratz to Fuu on the Higher Learning achievement and pet! I want it, but it's been hard finding those books. -.- Someday....

  2. Wow, thats a pretty epic screen cap. LOL @ Lesii running around in the background. Glad you two had fun and feel free to drop by every friday. I think this coming friday is MC again and BWL?

  3. @ Syrana~ Yeah, that achievement... was ummm a huge PITA! I had missed my last book twice (the VH spawn) for close to two weeks. If you want to do the achievement easier, see if your server has a dalaran book club chat channel. You'll start to see the same people at the same spots. Just whisper them and I'm sure that someone will tell you about it.

    On another note: I got my Elder title last night as well! It was an Achievement weekend!

    Elder Fuubaar... I like it :D it was very nice to join in on your fun :D I've never been in Onxyia or MC before so it was a learning experience for me as well. Thank you!

  4. Gratz Elder Fuu! :D

    I'll have to check out the book club channel... so far I keep seeing members of the other faction camped out at the spawn points. And you know they aren't sharing anything with me! :P