Friday, February 20, 2009


This has been a busy week at work and in-game.

Last night the guild alliance I run with cleared the arachnid wing for the first time. Woot.

The loot gods have forsaken me for the moment, so I'm just hoarding (not hording, no no) emblems in anticipation of scoring me some T7 goodness. The upside to everything is that I still have plenty of room for Naxx upgrades and I'm competing for top honors on the charts, usually topping 2k with room to spare. For the first two arachnid bosses I was tops (that last one is a PITA, especially since all of our 'locks were ranged, so we were all on web duty. I had to like... use destro spells, wtf?). Our rogue raid leader took tops on the other two bosses we were able to clear. Now that rogues can do AoE a bit, he puts up some really stellar numbers even with AoE pulls.

We need lots of help on the dance. Often it is only the Rogue and I that live through it, and I usually have aggro out of the two of us. Its pretty funny to spend all that effort surviving the green fire of death, and then get instantly one-shotted by the baddy when everyone else is dead. It's like... gee thanks. I did all that work for what? The good news is, as a group we're still in good spirits about it and so it makes the dying tolerable when you're having fun.

I'm also going to be picking up raid leading duties with the alliance. We finally have enough people that two groups is a good idea. We don't want to keep leaving people out, plus we're not quite to the 25-man hump yet. Thus, I get to pick up team two starting in March. Hopefully that goes well. I'll have to brush up on my strats... What's the best strat site for Naxx out there? I like "cliff notes" versions, not l33tist six-page walkthroughs. If that makes sense?

I had a pic, but forgot to bring it to work with me. Looks like that'll be some cheap weekend post fodder.

Advice of the week... I found this nifty AoE rotation that makes me feel super cool, puts up good numbers, and can often draw enough aggro to kill you. It's kind of "AoE'ing on the edge". What I've been doing is throwing out a seed shortly after the tank pulls (our tanks do a good job of getting their AoE threat auras up real quick i.e. consecrate, which is a must for this). So the seed will take a second, but as soon as the cast it up, I throw down on a rain of fire. Thus I have a RoF and Seed hitting at the same time. It really lights up the screen real pretty like.

Finally, I'll run in and finish off any remaining trash with a shadowflame... especially if they've run at me. It kinda makes the whole AoE thing a little more interesting that seed spam (which would be gross if you think about the mystery meat IRL and cooking it... seed spam, like soy milk only way more processed).

I've found this to be most effective on Naxx trash, especially that AoE area in the plague wing. With good DPS, you almost never need to repeat any parts of it... they die pretty quick. Take it or leave it, your choice, but its fun to make use of all of our AoE spells at once.


  1. I'm more of a visual person, so I usually look up tankspot videos on youtube for each fight. It's from a tank's perspective, but the voiceover explanation is great for any class. I'm still working on finding really good written strat guides.

    -Jessabelle yo

  2. Yeah, my problem is that I do pretty much all of my research at work (@ home is either playtime or non-wow time *gasp*). At work I can't do movies or even most of the main places to research strats. It's okay though, from talking to Khay last night, you may be my strat lady :-).

  3. Oh, and if you wanted to "guest post" feel free to write up your own as we go and I'll post 'em on here if there is interest. If there aren't any good "cliff notes" versions out there, maybe we can provide that.