Wednesday, July 4, 1984

The More You Know...

This is our old school "about us" post. Before Blogger added the ability to post simple "pages" that were no part of the blog proper, this was how you did such things. I've left this way back in 1984 for now as a relic and in case something mucks up with our more up-to-date page (accessed from the header). If you've found your way here, I applaud your insatiable curiosity to see what we could possibly have been talking about before WoW was even a twinkle in Blizzard's eye. I believe this article to be the result of a DeLorian crashing into a Hot Tub. Or something. You will now forget this post ever happened. Carry on.

Contact Info - You can email me at fulguralis DOT nimbus AT gmail DOT com. Replace the caps with the symbols and you've got it. (That's a little trick I learned to thwart mischievous huntards). In addition, you can follow us on twitter as @Fulguralis. Feel free to drop me a line!

Fulguralis - The personality, not the toon. The name is actually Latin for a "flash of light" and speaks of my affinity for thunderstorms.  It's been my online moniker for almost a decade now, dating back to the dates of Starcraft ladder matches on and Yahoo chat rooms.  Remember those?  25/m/IN.  That's right, the heartland, and I'm in the middle of the middle.  Indy is a good city.  I'm an avid sports fan, loving my Chicago teams (I was raised near there) as well as the Colts.  I work as an engineer and moonlight as a high school football assistant coach.  Writing has been a hobby of mine for a long time, and I hope to some day publish a novel.  That day may be when I'm old and retired, but as I see it, any writing I do now is practice for a later masterpiece.  Or maybe just something mildly entertaining.

I've been a gamer since I could hold a controller, having owned systems starting from the original Nintendo all the way through my current Wii/PS3 ownership.  I've never gone the Xbox route, fwiw.  I try to be diverse in my gaming.  Though MMOs take up a lot of time, I will find ways to squeeze in a console game now and then.  Especially when friends are playing the game as well.

My MMO journey began in college.  I was mostly a console gamer at the time, but a girlfriend introduced me to the world of MMOs through Final Fantasy XI.  We had the normal dates of sushi, wine, and movies, but together time also became game time and it wasn't uncommon to find us stationed in one of our college hovels, aglow in the backwash of an LCD screen with a beer by our side.  After college we decided we didn't have time for the grind that was FFXI.  Work adds a different sort of complication to the MMO puzzle.  Thus, we wandered around through "free to play" games a bit, looking for something else that excited us.  After a brief but pleasant stay in Guild Wars, a friend at work coerced me into the World of Warcraft.  We joined his wonderful guild, Generations, that spans many games but became home for us on the Alliance side of Lothar.  Since joining in May of '08,  we've moved quickly up the ranks to become officers of the wonderful guild, and continue to serve in that capacity today.

Things changed and moved on, as they have a tendency to do, and I am now on Alexstrazsa, playing with a cousin.

I started this blog in order to flex my writing muscle, plus to hopefully be able to entertain and inform about the classes and games I love.  My original niche was affliction warlockery, and continues to be my main push.  However, it is not uncommon to see me branch out into all sorts of other things.  I'll try to stay focused, but no promises.  :-) 

Toons - We don't really RP, but your toons can take on a life of their own.  The short version is that I have basically four main toons that span two games.  Fulguralis is an affliction warlock in the World of Warcraft, yet also a Chanter in Aion.  The Warlock version was my first toon and continues to be my main of mains.  He's a shadowy reflection of myself and tends to be the center of things around here. He's an action-oriented fellow who is a bit cynical because he has to put up with so much crap from his minions and their constant shenanigans.  Until such a time as I leave WoW for good, my heart will remain sharded firmly within my affliction warlock.  Everything else is just distraction.

Decedereful is a female Death Knight with an affinity for frost in the World of Warcraft.  She will tank or DPS, depending on what's needed.  She is the sister of WoW-Fulguralis and is indicative of my so-called feminine side.  While she still struggles with her rebirth as a Death Knight, she finds that it has certain advantages.  Chief among them is the bond it gives her with her brother.  Had she not been turned, she might never have found him, and she certainly wouldn't have been able to keep up with the Warlock in her former life.  Still, the food is terrible (Flesh Flakes for breakfast... yuck!) and plate isn't all that fashionable.  Dece struggles constantly with being a powerful weapon, yet a little sister still at heart.  Her story with Fulguralis (minions included) continues to unfold on Fridays here at the blog.