Monday, February 23, 2009

Bringing Your "A" Game

If you're familiar at all with sports, you may have heard an athlete referred to as being "in the zone". If you've ever participated in sports, you may have experienced this penomenon yourself. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, the phrase refers to what happens when an athlete is so completely focused on the task at hand that it seems they can do no wrong. For instance, as a basketball player, you may feel that the size of the hoop has expanded to that of a bathtub, making shooting from anywhere infinitely easier. Now, visually, it is still the same size, you are just more aware, more in focus. You're "in the zone". Players expereincing this often preform at unsually high levels, going beyond previous bests to set new records.

I think the term can be carried over into the world of gaming as well. There are times when you are just "on". When you are hitting the right buttons at the right time and it everything just seems to flow. Last night, on our alliance's first time one-shot kill of Patchwerk, I was most definitely in the zone. How deep in the zone you may ask...


Yes, I broke 3k last night. Now, mind you, for most boss fights I was happy to have just recently broken the 2k mark. I have only one Naxx upgrade (The Gloves of Dark Gestures... which I find to be a rather silly name and makes me want to /rude a lot), the rest of my gear consists of heroic pieces (mostly of the blue variety), a crafted cape, a PvP hood, and that is it. I've gemmed them appropriately (using hit and SP whenever I can), but I've really only used green gems. I still haven't gotten my T7.10 chest upgrade (which will be huge for me I think).

I'm not sure how I put that number up there. I was unconscious. Dots flowed into Dots and became Super Dots. It was like playing connect four on steroids. "FOUR? /scoff. HOW ABOUT I CONNECT THEM ALL! /evilcackle" (okay that was bad). I was playing well, I guess is the point I'm trying to get across here.

So what? You might ask. Go pin a rose on your nose, right? Well, the reason I point this out is because I have been known in the pass to QQ about the state of warlocks. Recently though, I conjectured that perhaps we just didn't scale well until later, with longer living bosses. If the devs were using Patchwerk as a DPS benchmark, you may see why they keep saying that warlocks are "just fine". +1k DPS fine. I'm gonna dry my tears, take of my dress, and end this tea party. No more QQ here. I agree, get relatively geared and head to Patchwerk and you should feel echoes of your old badass self.

(Disclaimer: I don't normally like to pull a BRK and post damage meters, because they're really only a personal growth tool at best, but my jaw dropped at the number I put up... I had to. Obviously, my overall damage done was also very good on the fight, and that's usually what I look at, because you can do mad DPS, but if you're not consistently laying it down, you're not killing stuff very well. Topping charts is all well and good, but make sure you take gear and mechanics into account. Patchwerk is merely a good benchmark because the lack of anything else to do except DPS.)

So the good news is that as time progresses, we keep finding out that we're not as broken as we all originally thought. Also, it'll be nice if we do realize some of the changes that Blizz has mentioned might be in the werks (ha ha) for us.

I'll finish by including the group kill shot from our awesome team last night. We went on to two-shot Grobbulus too, which is great since it was almost everyone's first time in the wing. All in all, a good raid night, though we're still having problems with the stupid dance. Judging by how well we did with the complex Grobbulus fart cloud mechanics, I'm starting to think that our "dancing problem" is not two left feet, but too much lag. /hmmm.

Might As Well Jump


  1. and you didnt even bother to make a note that I put out 1.5k DPS and MT'ed that Beast?

    psh... were is the love.

  2. hehehe, nice job... both of you.

    Ful, you are right about us scaling but the sad part is that we scale very wildly, at least that is what I have noticed. I've hit a kind of plateau in my gears, there's not a whole lot I really can casually get from Naxx (normal or heroic), I would have to be really lucky (which to now, I have been) or get stuff from Maly (which I have been avoiding). What I have noticed is that raid buffs and raid composition wildly swing our dps (/qq maybe I'm just not getting it till now but aren't we suppose to not worry about bring classes but players /qq). I can go from 3.5-4k dps on heroics to barely pulling 2-2.5k dps on normal Patch, unlike some classes who can pull consistent numbers (at least for me that is the gripe).

  3. That may be, I'll have to pay attention as I go. For now I'm just enjoying feeling like I'm back to worth something. It may be also that you're just ready for the Ulduar content ahead of schedule. Who knows how the patch is going to factor in, right?

    You can guess the raid make up from my screen shot... I wonder which class is my "money" class that makes me uber? :-) Bring them! Always.

  4. Very nice numbers, both of you!

    And good work developing those pics /smirk

    And I sense a theme of us 'evil' types using a lot of song references.

    And why are my commenting thoughts so disjointed today? >.>