Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jumping on the Ranting Bandwagon

Now, I've ranted on here before, but usually it's of my own accord. Today, however, I've been worked up into a frenzy by the wonderfully written posts of two talented bloggers and the resulting comment clusterfest that ensued. So, for context reference, please read the linked posts from BBBB and Forever A Noob. You'll see this is about the recent announcement on the mechanic change for dual speccing. Namely, that they're just now deciding that instead of using a lexicon of power in a city or providing a cool crafting option for scribes, they're just gonna do away with that gem and make it switch on the fly. Read the comments... yes, we're a polarized community on this issue right now. Okay, ready?



This is bullshit. Complete, utter bullshit. I'm with both the druid and the rogue on this. BULLSHIT.

Not the concept of dual speccing, mind you. /golfclap for dual speccing. It's a good idea. Yay helping hybrids not waste gold on respecs. Yay helping groups finding people. I'm going to marry a Paladin, I have to be supportive of dual speccing even though it does basically jack shit for me. I can see where it is helpful for her.

In fact, I was sort of looking forward to be able to mess around with specs. Visiting lexicons of power can be fun...

WTF were they thinking in changing that?! Seriously? Bring the player not the class... more like bring the hybrid not the nerfed to shit pure DPS classes. Why on Azeroth would one want a pure DPS class now? Name one reason? Utility? Pscch... nothing you can't get elsewhere. It certainly isn't for our ability to out DPS a hybrid, or for our usefulness with tanking and healing, or anything.

I don't even give a shit about the rest of the "goodness" of dual speccing. This one change completely breaks the game for pure DPS. Go back to the old way, Blizz, before its too late, please. You're still only in PTR, there IS time to see the light (don't look at the Paladin!).

Keep dual speccing, yes, certainly. Allow people to be ported to Dalaran, talk to a book for free, and be summoned back. Allow scribes to even bring a few crafted books with them to use like a repair bot, for those times you absolutely cannot port and such. Just don't let people do it ON THE FLY. That is where I draw the line of complete unfairness.

As a warlock, I've put up with some shit too. I've watched you basically make our pets worthless. BBB was talking about how we're analogous to hunters with pets that help us. Obviously he hasn't played a warlock recently, so he doesn't know how pitiful our pet DPS actually is. Its nice to have a pet, don't get me wrong, it's just... NOT a hunter pet. There is sort of a large DPS disparity between what Mr. BRK's pets do and what any warlock (even demo specced) can do.

I've watched you completely screw up fear, our "CC" ability (banish is great, but highly situational). Now, its practically useless in PvP and pretty much everything in PvE is immune to it. Even when the mobs aren't immune to it, they'll run into seven other groups and wipe the raid. When was the last time that fear was actually viable as a form of CC? Seriously?

I've watched our DPS completely tank as we refused to scale well at the level cap until hitting Naxx gear. I've seen numerous recent class changes that have negatively affected my ability to do my ONLY job (kill shit) and just been told "you're not broken, l2p". And I know even more changes are coming down the pipeline... so get out the lube!

Newsflash, warlocks don't offer a whole lot in the way of raid buffs, utility, or even raid food. We could do our job and be kicked right away: summon everyone, give out cookies, then replace with hybrid. What do we really have to offer? Most of my buffs get overwritten anyways (hence why they had to CHANGE the imp stam buff to health so it would be of some use).

And now, NOW you're just gonna finish the job and neuter me. Chop off my DPShood cleanly as if I were a complete dunce for just wanting to kill stuff in the first place. Man, I shoulda rolled a hybrid, right? Then I could do it ALL. No reliance on other classes to help me form a five man... lets just hybrid the hell out of it. Why do those other classes even exist again?

F that and F this change. I hope it doesn't go live like this.

I'd troll their boards, but it's just not me. I'll take it and keep trying to play the class I love. Luckily, the raid leader = me, so I probably won't be left out. And you know what, as a raid leader, I'm going to completely boycott this system. Sure, if you would like to change, I'll let you... but if you wanna stay in your tank spec and whack away at lower DPS, that's fine too. We're doing things "old school". You know, back when you needed to think ahead and make choices.

I'm going to take the people I take because they're good people and good players, not based on utility. Though I'm sure it may make some fights tough, because... hey, we should left our friends on the bench in favor of MOAR HYBRIDS. Whatever.

F-this rant, its not even good writing. I can't think straight about this issue.


I didn't want to write a very lengthy rant on the subject, but that's what came out. I hope someone out there feels my pain. The bear and the noob say it better, mostly. This is just where I stand on the issue. Polarize away. I'm sure I'll answer snarkily.

(Edit: Okay, I left the following comment over at /hug's counterpoint post (which is well written and worth a read if you feel so inclined), and I liked how I phrased it so I wanted to paste it on this to further clarify my point on the matter...

*Kal commented that he thinks there is a disconnect because he doesn't quite see where BBB is coming from*

Kal, I agree with there being a disconnect. I think we have tons of people arguing (always in a nice friendly manner of course) about a bunch of different things.

The main argument seems to center around dual specs, but the smaller arguments are about implmentations, limiting, cost, etc. Its very hard to separate out the issues. I think BBB’s argument was more that dual specs the concept = good, but that the implmentation, as it stands now, may create problems. In that, I agree.

There has to be some happy medium between just flip flopping on the fly or having barriers that are completely annoying. Personally, I thought being able to port out to a lexicon to swap for free and then being summoned back presented a tolerable, fair implementation. Plus, it gave the scribes something to do and that profession is in some need of some excitement.

My personal ire is directed towards the switch of the implementation to basically being “push of a button” anywhere you want it with no consequence. We can do better than that can’t we? To me, that completely breaks the point of speccing in trees and such. Why not just let everyone do everything in their tree then? Why spec at all? I mean, then we wouldn’t even have to deal with any of this right?

At some point, a line has to be drawn for it to continue being a challenging game and not just “god mode”. I think the disconnect exists where individuals draw that line and then we argue about different lines without realizing it. At least, that’s my long winded two cents.)


  1. TBH, I dont think it will effect us all that much Ful. We never PuG and we always group & raid with non-asshats.

    Baby, I wouldn't trade you for a druid

    Don't you worry :D

  2. I think the dual spec is actually more beneficial for non-dps non-hybrid classes, such as warriors and priests. Before the spellpower change, when all my "spellpower" was actually bonus healing, and back when crit was essentially useless for a holy priest, it was difficult to solo for dailies and solo quests without having an entirely different set of crit gear.

    If I dual spec, however, it will most likely be holy/disc - so i can heal two different ways. I'm not a face melter, i love healing. It's insulting to me if someone suggests I respec to dps.

    That having been said, I really do hope that there are a lot more changes to the dual spec mechanism. I liked the idea of inscibers having a purpose beyond creating glyphs. My inscriber knows all but about 3 glyphs (which i will learn within a week) and now that profession holds virtually no interest or purpose, IMO. I love professions, and they have done nothing with them in wrath. There are no recipes that drop from Naxx.

    It would be really neat (and encourage me to level my insciber pally) if they were the crucial part in enabling dual specs to happen in-raid.

    As for you warlocks, I don't know how your dps would be replaced with hybrids. Your strength is in your dots, and it takes skill to handle the threat generated by them. DOTs are irreplacable by even a powerful elemental shammy, as far as im concerned.

  3. @Fuu - You're probably right, but still F-that.

    @Jess - I'm just fine with dual speccing, especially for different parts of the game (i.e. solo, raiding, PvP, etc). Hopefully intelligence will prevail and we'll all be all right, but you're right, the mechanism purposed is crap and thats what I'm ranting about. DK's have Dots too, ya know... plus they're not squishie and can tank in a pinch. Granted their dots aren't as good... but a little buff here, a little nerf there... ISSUES!

  4. Something else I was thinking about - more than likely, there is no real intention of keeping spec swapping so simple and easy to do. However, they are trying to get the PTR up and going, and they want people to test the spec swapping first, while they prepare the implementation of it, which is undoubtedly not ready for ptr yet.

    Theory being, test that which is going to be implemented, THEN test exactly how to implement it. We can't get too upset about the very first ptr build.

  5. True, and I hope that's the case, but the blue posting about it doesn't seem to indicate that its a "temporary" mechanism.

  6. Blech, I hope that's not the final implementation.

  7. When was the last time that fear was actually viable as a form of CC? Seriously?

    Oh, forgot I was going to "answer" that. The last time I used fear in a raid setting would have to be against Lurker. I had to keep one of dem naga feared til we were ready to burn her arrow shootin' ass down. ;) The time before that was for Roar in the Oz event of Kara.

    So... yeah, that was none too recent.

  8. I could care less how I have to swap my spec but I'm pissed about the cost. 1000g? Srsly? Why?

    My respec cost on my priest is at 10g.. because I know what spec I like. If someone needs a healer and I'm around, I'll pay 15g to respec and then 20g to go back. Why in the hell would I pay 1000g to do something I'm really not that interested in?

    I totally agree with you about the hybrid classes.. Bring a Mage who can dps and then respec to do LESS dps? Or bring a Shaman who can heal, swap out to elemental and do just as good in DPS as the Mage AND provide totems, bloodlust/heroism & a self rez?

    Rogue? Or feral druid who can tank until we don't need 2 tanks and then go some for of cat form/moonkin DPS, provide a battle rez & an innervate?

    It's nonsense. Yeah, it'll be nice to be able to PUG stuff.. but how often to raid groups PUG more than 1 or two slots?

    I also have a gripe with the level requirement. Giving dual speccing to anyone (who can afford it, at least) would make leveling so much easier. Maybe people would actually DO the old world/outlands dungeons if everyone didn't level as DPS? Whats the point in waiting until 80?

    Blizz says they don't want to complicate leveling a class because it might hinder the persons ability to "learn" the class.. but honestly, what class plays the same at 34 in scarlet monestary that they do at 80? (Besides Hunters.. cheap jab)

  9. Yeah, I know what you're saying. There are a lot of good ways to implement dual speccing, I think... but what they're proposing now is just not one of them.

  10. Awwwww @ Fuu's comment. Thats love there!

    Abi was telling me about this and he was griping a bit as well.

    I'm kinda mixed on the subject. Even though I'm a hybrid, I wasnt interested at all in duel-speccing other than doing it to help me farm a bit. I wasn't even going to go Ret though (two sets of armor? no thanks) I was gonna do shockadin. But 1k gold isn't worth it imo.

    I am irked that this gave them prime opportunity to give a bit more utility to Inscription and they took it away. I could on about the blahness of the new profession but I'll spare you.

    I don't really think that people will stop bringing pure DPS classes. I hope thats not the case at least. For the most part, hybrid dps specs can't do as much as the pure dps classes from what I've seen. I have noticed a trend in gimping these pure dps classes, specifically Rogue and Warlocks. Mages seem to be ok *knock on wood* and Hunters are beastly (HA pun *ahem*)

    Anywho, length comment aside: Just stick with it and hold out for the best. At least you know Fuu will stick with you through better and worse!

  11. Oh oh oh. I remember Abi used to fear one of the adds in ZA before the Bear boss, so theres another.

    To be honest who uses CC at all anymore? I got that cute little penguin glyph on my mage and I never even use it.

    Its all PULL AND ZERG in Wrath.