Monday, February 9, 2009

Lazy Link Monday

I'm not feeling a full fledged post today, so I'm giving you some good alternatives. Johnny, tell 'em what their choices are!

*Announcer's Voice*

Behind door number one we have a lovely post from the beautiful and exotic Syrana expanding on the idea of using World of Warcraft as a source of hope and inspiration. Sideshow and Syrana... Sarcasm is just one more service they offer!

Behind door number two we have warlock patch 3.1 "pre-"information brought to you by the mysterious and shadowy Abigore at the Fear.Win blog! When all else fails, remember to Fear. Dot. Win. (See the comments for my thoughts on the issues... yes, I'm THAT lazy today).

And for the recently risen, we have Blood Spec Death Knight levelling advice from The Stoppable Force. What happens when a stoppable force meets a movable object? This and more courtesy of TSF!

Thank you Johnny, let's see what fate has in store for our contestants!

Okay, that was shameless and fun, even if completely pointless. I really did say all I wanted to in the comments on Abi's post. I love that Syrana "daylights" as a case manager and finds wow an inspiration for that (because we all know our true jobs involve WoW). TSF does a wonderful job making a case for those of us who enjoy the blood spec. I'm a completely wonky "healer utility" blood spec that does a pretty respectable amount of damage. It's very similar to what he outlines and is really great for doing instances with fewer than 5 (sometimes minus a healer) and/or soloing nearly anything. Sure, it's probably not the awesome max-DPS raid spec, but it IS fun. I was doing about 1400 DPS as a 75 in Nexus the other day. Why I was in Nexus at 75 is a different story, but fun all the same.

I got to run a bunch of heroics this weekend too and am hovering just at the 2k DPS range on my 'lock. I love fighting for the top spot in charts again thanks to being decently gear. My only real upgrades have been the Deathchill cloak, the epic hood from Wintergrasp, gemming everything correctly, and the Lich Blade from heroic Drak'Tharon. Everything else is pretty much quest blues (even a few greens). This bodes well for my future upgrading activities. I still really need that chest piece, and, now, a good off-hand (I may pick up the off-hand first...).

Always Remember to Spay and Neuter Your Druids


  1. Aww thank you for the link love! :)

    Random, but I was thinking about seeing if we could alternate the "Sarcasm" line with "We don't claim to be experts, but we're here to entertain."


    That is all. ;)

  2. "Spay or neuter your druids" ... Ouch!

  3. @Syrana~ Isn't that like the bend & snap?

    @Finwe... you love it ;P

  4. Bob Barker does not do substitutions.

    It's kinda like Chuck Norris... only smells more like grandma.

  5. Chuck Norris does not smell like old people, Old People smell like Chuck Norris!

  6. Thanks for the linkage.. I'd agree with the spay/neuter comment except druids don't have genitalia. Not like that's a bad thing.. the last thing I want to see while bear tanking is a huge set of ... err.. in fact, nevermind. See you in the HR department!

  7. @Fear.Win - LOL...It's bad enough staring at a big furry butt all the time....

  8. @ all - It's good to know that my captioning gets so much press :-D