Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hey Group, Want To Do Something Crazy?

Such was the question asked by me in a Heroic Nexus run last night over vent. You see, I had very recently finished the chain of quests to allow me to willfully summon a Doomguard. That is to say, prior to completing said quests, I could only hope for a Curse of Doom proc, and, lets face it, that wasn't happenin.

So, demonic figurines in hand, I trudged happily off to tackle a heroic. From the start, I could tell that this run was going to be something special. You see, my protection specced Paladin familiar decided she was going to try her hand at healing for the night and respec. Previously, she had only healed once, protection specced, as we had done a regular UP run. The group we had ran with were vastly overgeared for the encounter and it wasn't really a challenge, but she still did a very good job and enjoyed herself. If you've been following me, you'll know that she's suffered from a bit of "tank anxiety disorder" (or TAD), so perhaps a little change of role is just what the doctor ordered.

So she goes off, respecs to some cookie cutter online thingamajig, puts on her heal gear and rejoins us in the instance. This time, we're not really overgeared, so we fully expect a challenge, especially with a fresh new healer. She takes a moment to go install a few addons to help (namely, healbot for you curious types), and off we go!

As most H-Nexuses (or Nexii?) start, we veer left and approach the "Hall of Stasis", so named for the Han Solo-esque dragon frozen in what appears to be carbonite behind the dias in the room. (Thanks go out to our tank, Gordin, for the Star Wars shout out on vent).

At this point of the story, it's probably necessary to point out that they "mini"boss there in the ice block hall is really a misnomer. There is nothing "mini" about this boss. He comes fully stocked with adds and a couple nasty attacks that can one shot leather wearers and clothies alike. These attacks can be troublesome for an experienced healer, but are an absolute nightmare for the newly minted.

Needless to say, we struggled on that boss and got quite upset with fears and adds and whirlwinds... oh my! Forget this, lets go do the plant wing.

We waltzed through the plants and then that Anamolus fellow. I think it helped that this kept our pally healer focused on mainly one target. As you may or may not know, Pally healers are not very good party healers, but do just fine on single targets.

Sneaking up behind the Grand Magus, we cleared up to her and then attempted to kill her a few times. She also can be quite the little B on heroic mode. Mind you, she IS the boss I've killed most in the expansion (check your stats if you wanna find yours), mostly because we needed the darned winter hat off her. I've run through the fight A LOT. Heroic is a whole different ball of wax though, especially when you're group heals are still in the learning mode.

I do this thing, as a Warlock, where I fear kite and dot the purple B around when she splits. This keeps her out of people's hair while they deal with the AoE portions of the fight. It usually works well, especially with a single target healer as the polymorph and timestop can be quite the PITA.

In any case, we were unsuccessful after a couple of tries on her, though I did fear kite like a pro. We just couldn't really keep up with AoE damage, especially after the second split. It kinda sucked.

So, we decided to go back to the "mini"-boss, and I said: "Hey guys, wanna do something crazy?" You see, we had a healer pally, a warrior tank, then a rogue, a hunter, and me. It really helps to have someone to OT the adds, but we didn't have really anyone that could take the damage. So, I thought: lets try using the Doomguard like I'm all demo (kind of like emo only with more D) or something.

We group together and pull this guy out and... WOW 31k health. They really did buff these guys. Let's see if he can hold aggro and lets waste this guy.


Nope, guess not. Though he took some solid hits and we got one of the adds down.

The fears and whirlwind were just too much for us. It was still really fun since we were all pretty much trying weird stuff that we don't normally do, especially in heroics, which is always a good learning experience and something you should do from time to time. I also got the sweet trinket drop (the purple bell, Je'whatever), so it wasn't a total waste, though it was expensive.

The moral of this story is that Warlocks everywhere should complete the quests to get their Doomguard and try whipping him out for some boss fights. I believe he stays enslaved for a solid ten minutes and can add some good DPS. Just don't expect him to tank despite the appearance of large health. That or get a good AoE healer. That's not a knock on Fuu, she did wonderful for just learning, it just doesn't help that her class isn't built for that... even with a respec.

It looks like the Warlock's Den has a guide to the quests here, check it out if you're looking for some tips. (I think that link works... I can't check it at work, let me know if its bogus).


  1. Mmmmm, if you'd like to try Doomtanking I'd recommend giving the big spider boss in AN a try. She's a fairly straightforward fight for a tank, no adds to take care of, etc.

  2. Even better, take your Doomguard (DG) to meet Archavon the Stone Watcher, boss in the Wintergrasp's raid. In the heroic version, my little DG has 40k HP, hit like a truck (~1.1k dps), and a joy to watch while I scramble around burning Archavon.

    Oh from last night, both my heroic VoA and OS runs, the Lightweave Embroidery was generating a respectable ~23 dps. On VoA, the total amount of dmg was 5988 in 259 sec of duration fight. I ofc forgot to actually turn on my combatlog so i didn't have any report to feed WWS but I did remember to analyze my recount on both fights. Hopefully I can get into a pug for a full clear H Naxx to see what it does in there, I will have to remember to get my combatlog turn on. Will be back with more numbers later on the week.

  3. @kinz - Ooooh That's not bad... I wonder how it would compare to a DPS increase due to +25 haste?

    @sneakycat - Boss tanking scares me... :-P I'll keep it in mind though.

  4. Hmm, link is not liking me.

    Something else to add to my neverending to-do list, I suppose. :P