Friday, February 6, 2009

Pawn Pleas

So at the advice of a fellow min/maxer (much more hardcore than I), I decided to give the addon "Pawn" a try. The basic premise behind this addon is that it allows you to set your own "value" to a piece of gear. You do this by giving each type of gear stat a static number that acts as a multiplier to what is actually on the gear. The numbers get added up and, viola, you get a simple rating system. This should allow you to compare two pieces of gear quite quickly and discern which is better.

The problem for me with using this tool is: how does one weight each stat? I just went in a basically put some random numbers in to see what was up, giving some preference to the stats that I look for in a piece of gear. For instance, spell power and +hit were highly rated, but strength and agility didn't see any type of rating since they're not useful to me as a Warlock. What I'm wondering is if someone knows of this addon and, if so, they also might know where there exists example Warlock values that someone else has taken the time to figure out. I did some basic google searches and looked in the usual places and either missed it, or they don't exist. Either way, help is needed.

Also, if you happen to use the addon and would like to share your personal numbers, please do. If there seems to be interest here, I'll pop my own numbers up for viewing, but be forewarned that they're based more on feeling than math.

Edit: I had originally put this and the following post in one big post, but felt that I wanted to split them up... Thus two posts today! :-)

Edit Edit: Courtesy of Inga in my comments, you can find some good values at Elitist Jerks here. In case you can't find it, they refer to Loot Rank values here. Thanks!


  1. The numbers I've been using are from Elitist Jerks:

    Numbers are under "Key Stats".

    I'm still not sure how I feel about haste vs. spirit vs. crit, but at least they have lots 'o math :P

  2. I tried a similar search about a month ago when I started using Pawn. I found that there's not much out there until I realized that you can just search for stat weights. Wowhead uses something similar to compare gear, for instance. The numbers are the same no matter how you use them.

  3. @Inga - Thank you! I had popped over for a quick look there and figured they had one, I just couldn't find it. I'm sure the math there is among the best. As I'm sure anyone in the know what point out too, the numbers will always depend somewhat on your playstyle and current gear.

    @Finwe - Ah, YOU were the one who told me about it first. I had forgotten that. Khay was also talking to me the other day and I couldn't remember who I'd had the conversation with first. In any case, yes I'm trying it :-).