Monday, February 2, 2009

Deathchill Cloak

I was going to make a better post today, but I found out that my company, who shall remain nameless, despite being in bankruptcy, can afford to purchase a new URL blocking solution that had spread the infection to even more blogs and research sites. Needless to say, I was quite peeved until a found a small loophole around it. So, I'm in the clear for now, but REAL pissed about the principle of the thing. In any case, I'm not really in the best frame of mind, so I'll try to be short, helpful, and unranting. I made that last word up I'm pretty sure.

Deathchill Cloak - I haz it!

Taking the advice left by some after my emblem gear list the other day, I finally was able to finish up my Loremaster of Northrend achievement and picked up this pattern from the trainer. The stats on it are great, but I found it suspiciously lacking in +hit. Lucky for me, I was able to make this up elsewhere, but be warned... you may lose some +hit depending on what you're using now. The other stats are probably worth it, especially if you can make up that hit in gems.

With that said, you'll notice an expensive ingredient list, the Siren's Tear and Frozen Orb being the most expensive on that list. Both of those sell for 100+ gold on my AH (closer to 200 even). Well, we know that the Frozen Orb can be purchased for a paltry 10 emblems of heroism at the vendor, so I spent a few of my precious emblems there.

The siren's tear, if you recall, can be purchased for 100 Winterfin clams from a vendor at the murloc place in Borean Tundra. This may seem like a lot, but when I actually went there to farm them, I found it to be really easy. You can still click and pick up the ones on the ground (even though they don't sparkle at you), plus they'll randomly drop from the mobs there. Run around that village wreaking havoc and you should be able to farm one of these bad boys in less than an hour.

There is a limited supply at the vendor with a couple hours restock timer, apparently, but I did not run into that issue. With any luck, neither should you, but don't dismay if it isn't there right away.

The cloak also requires some eternals. If your faction owns Clustergrasp, head on out there to farm these up. I really like what they've done with this, by the way. It is really pretty easy to farm them up. Shadows are much easier than Fire, but you can probably knock both of these requirements out in a couple hours as well. I even stayed around and got the drop on the battle. Keep in mind while you're farming that you are flagged PvP though. For some reason, death knoobs kept showing up to harass me. Normally, Warlock v DK equals dead 'lock for me, but some of these guys just really sucked... in any case, I wouldn't concern myself with possible PvP ramifications too much.

Mats in hand, make your new cloak and enjoy. It looks quite pretty too. Now, embroider or haste enchant?


  1. OR what you've been doing to me is, " Hey hun, can you Transmute my crappy eternals into Fire & Shadow?"

    Yeah, I love you too!


    So yes, you can also hit on an Alchemist to change your eternals over as well but be warned that we have a 20h cool down per transmutation.

  2. Lies. That 20 hour cooldown is exactly why I went and farmed the buggers.

    You're transmuting things for me so YOU can level... plus I'll be able to use them to make ebonweave and other goodies with it later down the road... so those stupid eternal lifes (lives?) and eternal earths won't go to waste. Warlocks are fire and shadow ftw!

  3. Hehe, I'm tapping my alchemist friend to transmute for me too but doing my Titansteel bar. He even got a couple of discovery thanks to my mats, hehe.

    For whatever reason right now, I prefer to take my warrior to go farming in WG.

    On the cloak enchant, I'm also rethinking my choice. It just does not feel like Lightweave Embroidery is that much of a dps help but then all the other wrath's cloak enchants are that good. I might go back to the 2% reduction in threat enchant if it still works on lvl 80+ content. 2 more % of dps vs what seems to be <1% of dps.

  4. Yeah, I'm not currently having any issue with threat, and I like the _25 haste enchant. I think I may go that route instead of embroidery... the two types just aren't really that good.

  5. Apparently there is a -2% threat and +10 spirit enchant for cloak as well as the old -2% threat. Granted, I haven't had threat issue in Wrath like I used to, unless it's a gimmicky fight, but I just feel like Lightweave Embroidery fails me too much. However from comments on (I know they ain't 'Locks) Lightweave Embroidery is potentially better then the straight +23 haste enchant (roughly a +14 dps over the haste enchant). I don't recall the guys/gals on Warlock Den giving any numbers on this, I'll have to check when I get home.

  6. Yeah, I think I read that same thing somewhere about the haste not being "potentially" as good as the embroidery. However, I don't like the "potentially", I'd rather have a solid number than a potentially better number. If i saw some real compelling evidence supporting the "potential" part, I'd probably think about it more, but I haven't seen that yet.

    I like that threat and spirt one, let me know if you find the name of it. I may start seeing threat issues and with spirit converting somewhat to SP, it's not a bad route to go.

  7. [Enchant Cloak - Wisdom]
    -2% threat, +10 spirit
    (Enchanting 440)

    I'm going to try and get a few WWS on some raids to see what kind of actual numbers I get from the Lightweave Embroidery this week and then do the haste enchant the following week to see what the numbers are like.

  8. At 2160 Spellpower and close to full Naxx gear I have no threat issues what-so-ever and honestly I could count on one hand the amount of times someone pulled aggro from the tank on boss encounters. I'm not really sure what the embroidery does but I'm using the +haste enchant on mine.

    The Deathchill lacks stats and hit but it's just a good pre-Naxx cloak. A hit cloak drops from Noth in 10-man or if you're still hit capped a nice crit/haste cloak drops from Sapphiron. I used the Deathchill until the cloak from Noth dropped and he's a very easy free loot boss. It looks saucy!

  9. Typically I have no issues with threat but I really hate the Instructor Razuvious fight in 25 man. The way the priests and tanks switches off on Razuvious just makes me cringe every time and unfortunately I have died way more times then I can remember. Pretty much now I just put up my DoTs and use my wand instead of going all out. In normal 10 man, that fight is a joke.