Friday, January 30, 2009

Pally Power: OT/MT Mentality - Where did it go so wrong?

I'm doing a direct copy and paste for Fuubaar since she wrote this at work and can't post from there. Enjoy! -Ful

As a paladin tank, I have seen more buffs and nerfs to my class than I can count. Doing research has always become second nature to me. Making sure that my gear is up to snuff and making sure that my gear is actually itemized to me and not a Healadin pre-wrath. (I’m never using +int EVER AGAIN!!! You can’t make me!) I know the 69696969696969696 tanking rotation and I also know the +def is the new hotness in mitigation. Even being armed with all of this knowledge, this does by no means guarantee me to be a good tank. I am just a knowledgeable person that knows what I should be doing.

Pre-Wrath, pre-nerf in BC, when I actually raided, I was never MT. I was always the person to “Pick up the adds” or pick up the last two in a 4 mob pull. I didn’t mind this when I was new to the fight but when I really felt that I was capable of being the MT, someone else would step in with 5k more health and I would be pushed to the way side once again to be the trusty side-kick (emphasis on the kick part). I just ran with it feeling that if I would get some more drops that my gear would improve and I would be able to MT without a doubt. Well, the nerf came and I finally got my wish. Most of the BC stuff we ran in easy-mode and I was just fine with that. It made me feel like I was actually pretty decent and I knew the mechanics of all the fights.

Fast forward to the release of the WotLK, everyone had some major changes to how they did their job. I went back to doing my research on the new changes and made sure that I would have all of the gear that was possible to be bought, quested or Repped to give me the best chance of eventually MTing and be the go to gal in Wrath. Fulguralis and I hit 80 and I was, in my mind, in a really good situation to be able to MT all of the Heroics. When I tanked the Regular instances, my threat was very high and I didn’t worry too much about it and my health had exceeded 20k. I had tanked Heroic UK and Nexus with ease and I even got to MT the dragon in OS. I felt like I was doing something right.

We just recently started back up with our 10-25 man raid group and I was pumped to be able to MT. When we got the invites going, I wanted to see how the other tank would measure up to my hard work. Naturally, he walked in with 5k more health but pretty much the same gear… wtF! He was a Warrior so maybe he had some stupid talent that gave him 5k more health than the next person in line. OK… OK… calm down. Maybe I just need to spend more gold on enchants to push me over the top. I can do that.

I got the crafted purples made for me from our lovely guild BS and our Jewel crafter gave me some sweet gems and a new epic ring. Now, I should be much better for the raid. Again, and again, I’m getting showed up by our other tank. Don’t get me wrong I’m extremely happy for our Raiding group to have an excellent tank that is progressing so quickly in gear but I can’t catch a break. Am I really just supposed to be the resident OT? Can I really handle another round of this until they nerf it again? I know that I don’t play as much as I should in regards to Heroic runs but in all seriousness, I’m starting to get the mentality of why should I even bother gearing up if I’m just going to be the side kick again.

I am currently the only tank in our guild, so you would think that I would be that last person to have tank envy. My confidence has suffered greatly and now when I’m running heroics that I KNOW I’m geared for, I get sloppy and do it half-heartedly. I’m a better tank than this but once again getting kicked to the way side has really put a ding into my armor and my mood. Maybe I’m just being selfish and I know that I should just stop QQ’ing but this has really made an impact in the game for me.

Many times when I would get into an instance with others in a heroic, they would always proclaim that, “This fight is easy-mode” and we would wipe, and wipe, and wipe some more to the point were people would leave. I’m currently so turned off by the thought of running a Heroic that is not UK or Nexus, that I’m pessimistic about it even before we walk into the door. I’ve found myself in this horrible cycle and I don’t know how to get out. I would rather explore Kalimdor 3 times over before I would run another Heroic.

The best way that I can describe this is how DPS use your meters to compare how good you are on your Damage output, well, tanks don’t get meters but we are still jockeying for the top spots. Hell, healers do the same damn thing. This is not a new concept so why am I being affected by it now?

Where did it go so wrong?


  1. It certainly is frustrating to feel like you're being whipped all over the place. 'Locks went from topping charts, to sucking bad, and now just kinda trying to sneak back into respectable. It definitely made me upset, which is why I levelled an alt for a while. Also, it just means I have to work THAT much hard on my rotations to be decent. It sucks, but I still love my role and class. I also enjoy the challenge... I didn't particularly like cake walks. I mean, I guess I'd rather eat my cake than walk on it.

  2. yeah, I think I just need to man up and just go for it! Maybe the other tank will some how go missing or something ;)

    lol just kidding....

  3. Araat/Vinenara(AV)January 30, 2009 at 4:29 PM

    Hang in there Fuu! I know the feeling of a off tank that does not make the MT cut because of gear/class/skill. No matter what gear you have my belief with tanking remains the same, if you have base level gear needed(usually defined on some website or another) then you can MT any instance if you have the skill to do it. Tanking is not easy, having played toons of all three playstyles, by far tanking is the hardest, and the position that most often(often rightly) gets blamed for wipes and deaths. You just sorta have to learn to roll with the punches, ignore jackasses, and make sure everyone knows that you are doing the best you can. If nothing truely helps the feelings your having, either respec for abit and try healing ot dpsing or create a alt and mess around with her/him. A break from a main can often relive the frustration your having and let you create a new level of enthusiasm when you eventually start playing him again. I cant tell you the number of times i go "wow i forgot how cool this is" when i respec or switch to a different toon. It s a great help, wow watch me run my mouth, hope some of this helps, see you in game!

  4. AV makes a good point, you've respecced all of what? never. While we were kinda trying to wait out dual specs, you don't HAVE to. Also, if I get my DK up and geared, I can most certainly take some tanking duties if you switch to heals. There are options for sure. Or, if AV gets his butt on more, we force him to heal and you can DPS lolret styly :-).

    It certainly is a high stress position though, and sucks to kinda be pidgeon-holed.

    Oh yeah, tonight we're RP-ing anyways, so DK facerolling ftw. I gotta save some face with Abi cuz he thinks i'm a cow-lover now.

  5. Thanks boys :D

    I appreciate the advice. I'm going to really try & mix it up a little. Hmmm facerolling the DK does sound much more fun! You DPS kids sure know how to have fun!

  6. Take heart, Fuu. I got very frustrated at a similar progression point in BC. I went in to tank my first heroic (well geared, based on the "lists"), and I felt very fragile and ended up dying and wiping many times. In the end, we pulled in another player to tank the final boss. I was very disappointed, but it helped me to realize that playing at the limit of your progression level can be very difficult.

    It helps a lot to try something different for a few weeks. You may even want to run some regular PUGs to build up your confidence as a leader again. (Because the tank is almost always the leader.)

    I've also found that pushing yourself in a solo fashion can really invigorate your play. For example, go find a couple 2-3 man elite quests and solo them. You'll often find you have to pull out some new tricks to succeed there. If it doesn't push you enough, try a 4-5 man elite. You'll probably die a few times, but it's the learning that builds you.

  7. Did you inspect his gear to see how he was gemmed or enchanted to get the extra health?

    I'm not too bright when it comes to tanking classes but maybe warriors give up the ability to be uber leet AoE tanks like Pallys to have more health?

    I think everyone goes through heroic depression (lol @ the term) where they just dont feel they're geared enough or good enough but some heroics are harder than some Naxx encounters with less room for error only having 5 people.

    I'm sure you'll get in the groove of things =)

  8. I will definitely try to run all of those instances in Reg to get the mechanics down pat. Maybe if I know all of those instances cold, then I can be a much better leader when it comes to the Heroic version.

    Thank you again :)