Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh For The Love of Love.

Yes, Fuu roped me into doing some "love" quests. Since my warlock refused to go, I took my DK instead. Apparently I was quite lucky with a bunch of the earlier stuff, so I quit while I was ahead, having gotten a couple lovely dresses for her and knowing I wasn't going to be able to do the title being under 80. I think its kind of dumb that these require you to be 80. I could understand 70, but if you're catering to casual players, I know some who aren't quite to 80 yet. Are you punishing people who took their time? This makes me wonder if Blizz has in their master plans how long it *should* take someone to level. Like, a portrait of their "ideal" player.

It's obviously not a hardcore person, because they'd burn through stuff too fast and then be a nag. But this is evidence that it's not an uber casual person either, someone who would take their time to smell the roses (so to speak). I guess that makes sense then, shooting straight down the middle and hoping for the best. You can't please all of the people all of the time and all that jazz.

Long story short, I will NOT be a love fool this year. It's not really manly or warlocky, so I passed. I did hop over to my RP toon to pick up the purple suit for my belf DK. I'm gonna grab him a red pimpin' hat too. Anyone know where I can get a snazzy cane?

And why is it that all of the male's pants in suits look like you're wearing spandex? Are we really supposed to go around pumping our fingers through the air and declaring ourselves to be two "wild and crazy guys"? Is that what they're going for? If so, I'd really like that emote. If not, give me some saggy jeans ftw. Or at least normal, non form fitting dress pants. Frivolous complaint? You betcha!

I did have a point to these random musings. Your nugget of wisdom for the day (or something). If you're into dress up, RP, looking cool, or switching lots of gear, get an addon called "Outfitter". I don't have a good picture of the interface in use, but when running around all you'll see is a nice little entry on your bar (or minimap if you don't use Fubar). Here's the bad pic...

Woot For Tiny Paint Circle @ Top

In any case, the cool part about this addon is it lets you pre-arrange sets of gear into titles like "Normal, Birthday Suit, Battlegrounds, etc" and also lets you define your own (i.e. "Casual"). Then, by just clicking on the bar icon, you can drag down to the title and ,Viola, you have on the set you want, instantly and heralded by a cacophony of bag sounds.

It's probably more useful for a hybrid, but I've found it fun to use on my Warlock as well. One of the things I like doing it ditching my spell hit gear when I run into Clustergrasp in favor of some better PvP type items. It's not a complete second set, just a few choice items. Outfitter makes this a snap.

So that's your nugget of the day. I'll actually be gone the next two as I leave for a coaching clinic. In case you haven't read the short blurb about me on the left, I do moonlight as a high school assistant football coach, which requires going to some clinics and a lot of my time in the fall. If you know nothing else about Indiana, know this: High School football is some serious business. Not quite what you hear about Texas, but pretty good all the same. Friday Night Lights and all that stuff... But you didn't come here for that :-).

Edit: Found this over at TSF and had to link it... In case you were wondering if that damned Ice Stone has melted: I lol'ed at work, which always earns stares.


  1. My whole mentality about these Festival Achievements is that not every joe shmo should be able to do it. They make it hard enough that it's a challenge to finish (325 cooking for the Merry Maker, having to visit every elder in the world aka time,etc.) Blizz didnt want to make these Luck based because too many people would bitch but making it so that you actually feel like you've accomplished something by the end, now There's the Achievement!

    Ful gets upset about the time part because he only does it for ten minutes then throws his arms up in dismay. "What do I get out of this?" Well, mister, you can get a title, a sexy dress, and a slew of other things that are only Vanity. These things are there to make you more unique than other Human Warlocks. Even if you had the ultimate Gear in End Game Raiding, there is bound to be someone that is going to look just like you. That frustrates some people.

    Anyways, I've heard the arguments regarding the Festival Achievements and their requirements. I do feel bad for the people who arent 80 yet and want the title but there is next year.

  2. Fuu opened up a whole 'nother can of worms calling me out on my Achievement Malaise here in this comment. I started to respond but it quickly became quite lengthy and I decided to make it post tomorrow when I'll be out of town. Look for a full write up tomorrow and prepare to put on your debatin' boots :-)

  3. And the best thing with the world event achievement, a violet-proto drake that flies at 310% speed.

  4. It's on like Donkey Kong!

  5. Also, if anyone wants to read some major QQ'ing about these Achievements, go to MMO Champion. It's the blues post on the Brewfest shinanigans.

    I guess I'll be waiting for 2 years for my little Mount.

  6. As much as I want the proto drake, I don't really care for most of the achievements and I'm not big on in-game holidays outside of the Hallows End ordeal. I got "the Hallowed" on my Warlock and I'll snag it on my Shadowpriest this year but Love Fool Abigore doesn't have a nice ring to it lol.

  7. Oh don't remind me about the stupid Brewfest shinanigans... I'm with you Fuu, it will be a long ass 2 years before the Violet Drake will be mine as well. Unless enough of us QQ about and Blizzard nerf the Brewfest requirements.

  8. I know some who aren't quite to 80 yet.

    *clears throat* Stop lookin' at me. I'm only 1 level away now!


    I know some people QQ a lot about the requirements of the achievements and ultimately the violet protodrake. But, to me, (as Fuu said) there's always next year. If I completed everything this year, I might not be as inclined to participate next year.

    Ok, so that's not really true... I love the events. I participated in them before there were achievements... the only title I REALLY wanted was Merrymaker, and I was able to obtain it. The rest are bonuses. Do I want the pretty drake? Of course! But it shouldn't be something that everyone can get easily with just doing some minor running around.

    And I'm fine with that.

    /end wall o' text

  9. I stuck up for you in his Achievement rant post Fuu!

    And yes I've heard about this Brewfest shenanigans. I wasn't 80 for Hallow's End and I didn't do the Winterviel stuff either so I'll have to wait awhile myself, but I do think that kinda sucks. I'm sure they'll take it out of the meta requirements, just like they did with Perma-Peddle and the Masquerade Achievement.

  10. *70... I wasn't 70 for Hallow's End.

    I don't think anyone was quite 80 yet in October XD

  11. @Blogoflight

    Hmmm, sounds like we all need to have a nasty RP 2 v 2 arena blood bath...

    Or something like that.

  12. Haha. Haven't you heard how OP Holy Pallies are right now in Arena? You sure you wanna do that? =P