Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Old Gear FTL

If you're raiding more than I am, you will probably want to go check out the gear list that Nibuca has compiled over at the MC. Good work and a good listing of what you should be looking for. I'm not quite there yet, as we have yet to take down a single boss in Naxx (though I have set foot inside).

The good news is that my professions are steadily climbing and my DK is about to ding 75 now. Can anyone tell me why they nerfed all the other enchanting requirements, but the stupid rod still costs friggin 40 dust? And, is it just me or do there seem to be a lot more blue drops than green ones? With also being a tailor and needing dust for imbued frostweave (because everyone wants bags), dust is by far my scarcest commodity right now. The best way I've found to get it without paying an arm and a leg is to convince Fuu to run my DK through some lower 70 instances (we can duo those pretty handily). You can come out of there with a good handful of greens to DE.

Here's hoping I get some more good raid action on Wednesday and maybe getting into heroics tonight. I did the heroic Culling of Stratholme the other day, and we attempted to go for the bonus boss (time limit), but failed when we wiped on some trash. It's kind of fun to try and rush through that one, as it isn't too difficult if you take your time, but keeps you on your toes when you're running around. I may try to get people together tonight to do that one.

I also finally got to see Hall of Stone. What a pretty instance. I like the storyline in it, kind of gives you an out-of-the-ordinary epic feel. We just ran it on regular, but still fun. I've found that most of the people I run with are in that awkward gear phase where regulars are a breeze but heroics are still touch and go. I need badges and to get a chest upgrade bad... I'm still wearing that rep chest from the walrus people that I got back around 75. There was one nice blue drop in a heroic I ran, but the priest won it :-(. I just have not had luck there.

I also need to finish off my WA rep to get the mount I've wanted and then work on Kirin Tor for the dagger so I can stop being a schlub and lugging around the dumb staff from the amphitheater. Oh well, I guess I'd rather be slow than be one of those hardcore people that are done with all the content already and bored. At least I have plenty to do!


  1. lol @ the last comment. I just had our resto druid come up to me and work and we both had a "now what?" conversation. We start Malygos this weekend and he's the only raid content for us left until Ulduar comes out. I hope Ulduar is a little more difficult because we learned all of naxx in less than a month and are down to one-night clears =\.

    I've decided to level my Warlock to 80 so at least I'll have something to do in my free time. Howling Fjord sucks >.>

  2. Ha. You're SO hardcore ;-).

    The comment was directed more to the people that complain about it. At least you know there are other things you want to do (other characters to level, old school stuff, etc).