Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Free Drake Rides With Purchase Of Boss Fight At Regular Price

I already commented on this over on Abigore's post about the Malygos fight, but I felt the urge to expand on my feelings about such fights.

You see, last night Fuu, two other guildies, a PuG (who was great by the way), and myself ventured into Oculus for the first time. We just went regular, which should be a breeze for us right? The PuG was the only one of us who'd been in there, and he/she was extremely patient with explaining things to us which was really nice. Especially since I'm pretty sure this person wasn't a native English speaker.

The point of this run was to breeze through it, get me my Northrend Dungeon Master achievement so I can make our healer his Wispcloak. He had all the mats, and I was only one dungeon short. No duh, right?

Most of the instance was a breeze. I mean, Fuu is a raid geared tank, I'm pushing around 2k DPS, the healer is a talented shammy, and we had two hunters who also could push the DPS pretty well. In short, as long as our feet were on the ground, we pwned.

I really liked the look of the instance. It's neat that you can fly there when not in the instance and see the same platforms, yet now you're battling for them. From a lore point of view, its decently epic. Plus, I love dragons and interacting with them.

Fighting from the back of a Drake is another thing entirely. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. On one hand, what's there not to like? I mean, you can shot fire from your mouth (or whatever) and really bring the pain. You defy the laws of physics on the back of a flying lizard. You are, in a word, badass. It's something you haven't done in an instance before, so its certainly novel. It's not the same old grind, and that's good, right?

On the other hand, my feet were no longer on the ground. Our group, unstoppable on the ground, now suffered defeat at the hands of our enemy in the air. We had trouble staying together, we aggro'ed tons of little annoying mobs, we died, parachuted, and died some more. It was, in a word, annoying.

Perhaps part of the frustration was that, where we were completely over prepared for the instance on the ground, in the air we saw none of these benefits. I mean, the drakes don't scale well with gear I guess (I'm pretty sure they don't scale at all). So what good is it to be overgeared for an instance that you'd like to just "knock out" for fun when you completely lose all of the benefit. We might as well have done it on heroic, right? Then we probably would have died more on the drakes, but I'm guessing they get similarly buffed in heroic mode, so maybe not. I'm sure the bosses would be harder, but then we get emblems.

So I guess what I'm left with is this complete sense of ambiguity best exemplified by two members of my group who were polar opposites. My pally tank familiar loved the fight. She thought it was crazy cool and enjoyed doing something different. Maybe its the tank part, maybe its her, who knows? Our healer pal found the whole thing to be just downright annoying and even made the comment "remind me not to come back here any time soon". Maybe its the healer part, maybe it's him, who knows?

The point is, I'm somewhere in between. I liked watching what I was doing on the screen as the battle raged on, but I'm not sure whether I liked being the one controlling the battle or not. Maybe it would have been just as cool for me to just watch a cut-scene. Maybe its the DPS part, or maybe its me, who knows?


  1. Hehehe, I feel your pain and as far as I know that instance is the least loved among pugs. Most people don't use the drake on a regular basis so they are put off from learning it. However once you figure out how to use the drakes, it is one of the EASIEST heroic in the game.

  2. The first and only time I've ever done Oculus was on heroic so I was thrown the the wolves, so to speak. It took about 6 or 7 attempts to get the right mix of drakes but had we all not been on vent to call out the time stop rotation I don't think we would have finished it. I just wanted to get it out of the way because I'm only a few kills away from the "Champion of the Frozen Wastes" title but I'll never go back.. ever.

    What I'll give the Malygos fight is that at least you can practice in your free time with the Aces High daily.. Oculus you practice by dying.

  3. If I remember correctly (too much work to try and look it up right now, sowwey) our guild's Alliance chapter did those fights nekkid. Yeah, must be.. because now I recall commenting on that thread something like "Awesome, fighting nekkid on the back of a dragon sounds like my kind of instance!"

    So that might make dying while learning the flight a little less painful.

    I'm hoping the overall camera angle stuff is better than the Wyrmrest daily and any other vehicle quest. For some reason, I can never find a satisfying camera angle. /shrug

  4. @ Syrana - No such luck =\. The camera angle sucks.

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