Friday, February 6, 2009

Share Your Story

The second part of today's posting can be directly linked to my emotionalism displayed yesterday. I got a lot of wonderful comments and thank you all for sharing. I got to thinking... I stop in at Blog Azeroth from time to time to check on the Shared Topics. It's fun, and sometimes you come across something really interesting that you wouldn't have otherwise found. Putting two and two together, I thought, if the world could use a little more hope right now and we, as gamers and/or bloggers experience hopeful stories often, why not share the wealth? In other words, I think what I started yesterday could be a good Shared Topic. It would be nice to see an outpouring of digital goodwill online (though I harbor no personal delusions that a response would be that huge or widesweeping, I can hope right?).

So I call upon you, fellow bloggers, share your stories. Put 'em up on your blogs and let people know to look. Put as much or as little personal stuff as you want, just share some hope. Then, when people ask: "why do you spend so much time on a silly game?" We can emphatically point to a plethora of hope filled stories and say: "that's why."

Or such is my hope.

Even though it may not be in line with my whole Warlockiness, I think I'd like to try and link as many such stories as possible and tag them appropriately on here. The thought being, perhaps some day down the road, when you're having a bad day, you can stop and lose yourself in a trail of stories. Grandiose? Maybe, but as a great theologian (ha) once said: "You might as well jump."

Edit: Larisa over and The Pink Pigtail Inn stopped by and her comment reminded me that part of my inspiration for this was a rather good post done by her. You can find it here, and I just love the analogy to sandcastles, as I still love building sandcastles even as an adult, and are they not just the ultimate example of futility?

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  1. I'm workin' on it... ;)

    And David Lee Roth is a theologian?! hehe