Monday, October 29, 2012

87... and Cooking.

These are really inspiring post titles, I know. The generic nature of the content seems to merit a numeric title in my mind. That, and it's a not-so-subtle reminder that I'm totally behind. It's by choice, so I'm not totally angsty about it. In fact, it's been a nice flip-side for me. Instead of rushing to try to understand everything and then provide good information here... I'm sort of learning from y'all. I definitely appreciate all the commentors who have been stopping by.

So as the title indicates, I hit 87 over the weekend. I was actually able to do a good amount of leveling, and I'm almost halfway to 88. I'm doing a lot of work with the farm folk right now, and some young Pandarian girl is following me around exclaiming about all of the neat things. The Warlock in me wants to shard her.

Or is it "orb" her now that I'm a vampire warlock?

Joking aside, the leveling process continues to be fun. They've done a good job. Even going as slowly as I've been going has been engaging. Seems like the right amount of story to me.

Here's another question perhaps you guys can help me with. What's up with cooking leveling? Do you only run into the trainer later? I have all these cooking ingredients but can't find any recipes. I generally like to simply level my stuff as I go, making use of drops and what-have-you. I have all these items marked "cooking ingredients" filling up my bag... but no recipes to utilize them. Without doing a whole bunch of research, I simply looked up a trainer and he/she/it seemed to be someplace I'd not discovered yet. Anyone else have this issue during their initial leveling journey?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

86.75: A Balancing Act

Yep, crawling along. Do you ever experience the phenomenon where you have an hour or so "blocked off" in your mind for gaming. I tell myself, "Okay, I'm going to give task X until 11, then I'm going to play some WoW." The problem isn't with task X, it's Y and Z that pop up and interrupt X. Then, all of a sudden it's 11 and X hasn't even gotten started.

This keeps happening to me. Football is over for me, so a bunch of time has been freed up. However, all the other crap I put off during the season is also vying for the same time. And, with the last couple of months I've had, stuff isn't exactly organized. Generally, I'm great with lists. Right now, I have lists of lists. It's ridiculous.

Gaming, at best, is a balancing act as far as hobbies go. You could always play more. And right now my sense of balance is all topsy-turvy, but not in a horrible way. It's not all been bad things. There have been a lot of good interruptions. Like unexpected family visits. Friends stopping by to say "hi." That sort of thing.

Inevitably, in the above situation, I end up actually logging on at 11:30 with the intention to play for a half hour. As soon as the pixels load, I notice that like three or four friends are on, and I have to say hello. Generally at least one of them has a proper topic of conversation (the others are all raiding), so I end up chatting. And circling Dalaran Stormwind.

And then my time is up. I needs mah beauty sleep.

Last night I completed three quests (I'd picked them up where I logged off, so they were locked and loaded so-to-speak), one pet battle, a bag cleaning run, a repair, five tailoring levels, five enchanting levels, trained those both up, and finished with the cooking and fishing dailies (they were right there). I was chatting the whole time.

Now, that's pretty productive, but if you notice, the actual amount of straight experience gained is not massive. Such has been my problem. I like to do all the things and a half hour just isn't enough. Or maybe it is, if you're okay with achieving the "server last to 90" achievement. (I wonder how they could implement such a thing).

I've decided I'm okay with it. Before, I've always been one of the first to be ready to raid. This time, I'm just going to saunter on in several months from now. I'll probably catch up in boss kills to the rest of y'all in like a week (You know, with the nerfs and all. Because there will be nerfs). Then you are all going to be super-indignant. But only Paladins are allowed to relish in the righteous fury. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

86.5 Now

I'm really burning through these levels, aren't I? Side benefit: I'm in that awkward space where I'm behind everyone, but everyone isn't far enough ahead that there are a bunch of alts in my areas. The leveling experience is quite pleasant, even if slow.

The last time I asked a question (about pet addons), I got great replies. I've installed pretty much all of the suggestions and am well on my way to becoming an expert pet battler. Except... well, how do you level? The intro quest guides you through the zones nicely. When you get to the continent quests, the first guy it pointed me to was sporting level 17 pets. Mine are just this side of 10. How do I get from 10 to 17? What zones should I be in?

I did some searching, but I didn't find a good resource that will tell me which zones contain certain levels of pets. Oh, I found plenty that will tell me where the rares spawn, or a list of what is available. But what about the naturally occurring levels? I'm 98% sure I'm just being a derp and missing it somewhere simple. So I figured I'd ask. Any of you pet battlers out there know what I'm looking for?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ding! 86!

I know, I know. Everyone else is posting their level 90 screenies. I'm cackling at my title because I just hit 86 last nighit. Like I said, slooooowlock.

This isn't to say I'm not completely enjoying myself, because I am. I've added the SB+SS move to my playbook now, and pretty much use that as my opener everywhere fine DoTs are flung. I pop Elements and then hit MG and the life just leeches away. I always imagine the scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. "He chose... poorly."

Here's a question you can help me with, dear readers. What is the best way you've found so far to capture pets in pet battles? BBB was writing the other day about a pet whose attack leaves the baddy at 1HP. Good stuff there. Are there any other clever ways?

Here's the thing. I like pet battles. I want to capture more pets. Sometimes, I also just want to kill things. Killing things is fun. Capturing is sort of a pain. I feel like I have to do it right now, when the pets are the right level, or later when I come back I'll just be one-shotting everything (or, if I put a lower pet out, it will get one-shotted).

In addition, do you guys know of an addon that will highlight pets on your mini-map that you do NOT have. I have a hard time remembering which ones I've captured. When I'm flying over them, I mouse over and try to think, but would love an addon that does this for me.

Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks in advance for the advice!

Monday, October 8, 2012

SB + SS is Pretty Awesome

One of the biggest complaints for Aff'locks everywhere has been the perpetual lack of burst damage. Trash was the bane of our existence for so long. To some extent, I think many of us old 'locks have simple grown used to the deficiency over the years.

In MoP, it is very apparent that Blizz has attempted to address the issue, and I think they've done a felling good job. I continue to be impressed with a vast majority of the design decisions. Doubly so because my faith had taken a pretty solid shot with Cataclysm. MoP is almost a complete 180. Where before I feel like every decision fell flat, now I feel like they're knocking 'em out of the park.

The title pretty much says it all. Thanks to a comment from my article last week, I remembered the new Soulburn + Soul Swap combo. Pretty awesome. Gets DoTs up right away and you can get straight to bursting. I may even dump my SS glyph, since I'm more likely to use SS this way now.

If you're looking for higher level, hard hitting journalism, check out Amijade  I liked today's article on Kil'jaeden's Cunning. Good stuff. I'm SO not there. Still 85. Shameful, I know, but I'm having fun. That's what counts.

Also, still addicted to PokeWoW, but I have forced myself to intersperse some leveling. Both are fun. What's a 'lock to do?!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I told you things might be wonky around here for a bit. It's been a little over a week since my "Day One" in MoP post. You'd think I might be 90 by now, have some good advice, yadda yadda. Nope, still 85. Alllllmost 86. Just last night I finally found the last of the trainers I needed to unlock levelling with all secondary professions. I also discovered pet battles. So, yeah, guess what I did last night.

Like everyone else, I find the pet battles supremely addictive. It doesn't help that I've not had any long stretches of time to play yet. The good news is that there's plenty to do, even on a hop-on/hop-off type of play schedule. Pet battles are perfect for that niche.

I will try to impart some Warlocky wisdom. Y'all have probably figured all of this out already, but I'm starting to settle into my "rotation." Obviously, leveling is going to be a different animal than raiding, so keep in mind I'm only leveling right now. Here's what I'm hitting:

Corr > UA > Haunt > Elements > MG > Fel Fire > Drain Soul.

MG is my filler. I use FF to get out of channeling and swap quickly to DS. It seems pretty effective, and refreshes those two main DoTs. I don't have to repeat a lot, because things are dead. I'm sure that will change as I level.

The big omission to this rotation is Agony. I'm not using it on this quick-dying stuff. I think that makes sense. When something lives longer, I tend to squeeze it in just before MG. Generally that's because I'm like "Oh crap, this is going to take longer to die... let's us Agony."

We used to always lead off with Shadow Bolts to set up the debuff before dotting. With no bolts, this is no longer a concern. I always liked leading with my instants anyway, so I'd throw Agony/Corr first, I think. For longer fights, I've not decided if I'll use FF for all refreshes, or just to swap at the DS 25% health point. Anyone have data for that?

So, yeah. Slow Aff'lock is slow. I'm hoping this weekend is a bit more mundane and I can get some good time in. We'll see.