Monday, February 16, 2009

Heartbreak Hotel

Syrana's sad story over at her blog seems to be a common thing amongst holiday revelers. That is to say, I heard a lot of QQ over the latest Blizz installment of Holiday Achievement Shenanigans. It seems candy bags were quite hard to come by. Not that Syrana was by any way the worst. In fact, she takes one of the healthier views towards the whole thing, but I think she has enjoyed the holiday stuff for quite some time now, bringing me to my point of the day.

Regurgitating what I said in a comment over on Syrana's post: I think achievements may have been the worst thing to happen to holiday fun since leaving your Christmas lights up all year became socially acceptable. That is to say, they completely cheapen the whole experience for me. It's not longer just a fun bit of stuff to change up the normal routine, it's a clusterfest to get achievements and titles and eventual rewards. The reward used to be self-provided, in the fun you had while doing the events. Now, people just complain and shoot only to get that "check" on their list of things to do. It seems to me we may have lost the spirit of these events somewhere along the way. Sure you could get a really cool drake eventually, but at what cost?

I got my sexy dress for a few of my toons and helped Fuu out a bit, but otherwise steered clear of the holiday stuff again. I had fun leveling my DK over the weekend and running the occasional heroic. I ran a few Clustergrasps and bought some gear, did some crafting. You know... the usual. And you know what? At no time was I completely stressed because "ZOMG the festival ends in 5 days!"

So sorry to all of you, who, like my Fuubaar, fell heartbreakingly (yes, I made that word up) short of the achievement this year through no fault of your own. Sorry for your bad luck in love. Sorry for your wasted time. I'd hope you can say you at least had a little fun doing it though, because, if not, you have no one to blame but yourself. Sorry to sound harsh, but there has just been tons of negative comments flung at Blizz in recent days because of a stupid achievement. I'd rather they spent their time developing some more raid content for us or fixing my semi-busted class. Nope, they were flooded because we couldn't get f-in candy bags.

I understand that people really want the whole 310% drake at the end and probably the title, but still... those are just perks of the game. You can do everything in the game WITHOUT them. It's supposed to be FUN, not work. And that is why I think achievements have ruined the whole holiday thing. Take away those epic rewards, and what motivates you now? Would people be nearly as pissed if they were only missing out on completing EVERY bloody quest, though it gave them no achievement, no title, no drake? Probably not. Think about it.

So am I saying STFU? No, not really, just that Blizz is kind of creating their own headaches by offering sweet rewards for lucky drops and frivolous quests. I wish they gave cool rewards for some of the more "normal" parts of the game. Maybe that's just me though.

I love the holiday decorations and neat little items by the way, I just don't like the attitudes that go with them. And in the end, we can't blame Blizz for our collective attitudes.

If you're a Warlock who was not obsessed with pitying your love fool, you may have caved and picked up the 25 EoH off-hand to go with your Cursed Lich Blade from Heroic Drak'Tharon. They are a pretty good pre-naxx pair if you ask me. Then again, maybe that's just me.


  1. Well, since I'm the one who brought this annoyed wrath of Fulguralis upon all of you, I better comment.

    I knew from the beginning that I wasnt going to get the mount this year since the Brewfest headache. I took the mentality of, "Welp, I have all next year" but it does stink for someone to work really hard and not get it. I guess I should just stop QQing about that damn candy bag and enjoy the dress that I recieved and the Picnic basket that I can now have to enjoy were ever I feel like.

    My new problem is... where the hell am I going to hold all of this stuff??? I'm coming out the ears with Holiday stuff :)

  2. I think achievements may have been the worst thing to happen to holiday fun since leaving your Christmas lights up all year became socially acceptable.

    What is up with leaving the lights up year round? :P

    I definitely still had fun, it's just less enjoyable when others participating aren't really enjoying themselves. Like when I was throwing rose petals on random guildies. (Yes, that is how I came up short for the achievement lol) But people didn't want to just shoot off fireworks or throw rose petals for the fun of it. Nooo... had to be in accordance to the achievement.

    And mending hearts? "Sorry, I already mended the 20 I need, I'm not mending anymore." WTH is that?

    So, I wonder if I'll actually get to participate in the Egg Hunt this year. It's the only WoW Holiday I've never done before...

  3. Yeah, as a kid my parents always refused to leave the christmas lights up all year and, as a result, that was one of the most exciting times for me: when we dug out the lights to put them up each year. It was a tradition.

    As I grew up, I realized sadly that a lot of people forgo that wonderful tradition in the interest of saving the effort required to dig them out. In other words, it wasn't enough just to enjoy the action, there had a be a bigger reason to take them down or put them up. I.E. "Achievement Unlocked: Decking the Halls" +10 Holiday Spirit Points.

  4. While I do love Achievements, I realize that what they are is pure Busy Work, shoved at us like grade school kids with ADD so Teacher can get work done.

    However that was the last Holiday until late April so I'm hoping that the next content patch comes out soon. Without that Busy Work I become a very bored little bee.

    Poor Fuu though =( It really didn't take me long at all to get my title, maybe I just had better RNG luck.