Friday, February 20, 2009

The Mailroom Is Now Open

As a blogger, one of the conundrums faced is how to provide contact with not just your readers, but other bloggers and such. I didn't really want to advertise my personal email address for obvious reasons, so I finally set up a gaming address for all things nerdy. Feel free to contact both Fuu and I there for whatever purpose. The address is written on the right. Say it, don't spray it 'cuz I wrote it that way to prevent bot spam (i.e. the AT=@ and DOT=. and there are no spaces, but you already knew that didn't you).

Do any bloggers know of a more clever way to do this on Blogger? I've seen a nifty button on some sites but I'm not sure where it comes from (can't find it in widgets). I also wanted to foil spam bots, so what I did seems like the easiest solution. It's just not very pretty right now. Oh well.

Also, as a fair warning, I'm not sure how often I'll check it. If you leave a comment telling me ya shot me a line, you'll probably get a much quicker response. Otherwise, maybe once a week depending on demand.

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