Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hump Day

And in case you haven't heard that term for Wednesday before, rest assured it is not obscene (though I thought it was the first time I heard it and was like... whaaaa?). What it means today is that I'm halfway done with a busy week and going to be a bit lazy.

First off, here is the picture I referenced yesterday. Love it. And I totally dropped that wyrm yesterday first try style. He can eat snow and die.


Secondly, Skeleton Jack presents us with a great blood spec here. It isn't the one I'm personally using, but since I've tried to be blood from the start, I can at least relate. After rolling a DK on Abi's server and going with a Frost DPS spec though, I think I might have to switch to that. Great burst damage with frost, but blood can obviously put out some good numbers. HS is just plain win.

Lastly, speaking of Abi over at Fear.Win. I wanted to link his take on achievements since I'd been talking a lot about them on my blog. He states his view well and I'd have to say I agree with most of it. I've stated that I hate the "there's always next year" line, mostly because there may not be next year. We could all move on to a new game. I'll grant that I don't see it at this point, but its not like anyone predicted the rampant success of WoW either. Hopping from RTS games to the MMO world was laughable when first conceived.

I also agree that nearly all the achievements now are "time sinks". I guess I just think there are enough places to sink time in the game already. Blizz can do better than achievements, AND make them more valid/respected. Some show promise of this, while others are a joke. I stand by that I dislike the attitude that has arisen during the holidays from the drive to get the drake (and other rewards). If you're going to sink time, do it on something you enjoy, regardless of the reward. Do you play the game for the pixels or for the people? If you've read me a bit, you'll know where I stand.

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