Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This Is What Happens When Fuu Gives Me Extra Coffee

So apparently I'm going to work on getting exalted with Sons of Hodir now. You see, I hit 77 with my DK over the weekend and that means flying training again. I'm about 2k gold short of my second epic flying skill, and I'm not sure I can tolerate slow flying again. It's sort of the same as what I always say about stacking haste on Warlock gear. It's completely like a drug addiction. If you've never had it, you don't miss it. However, as soon as you taste the new speed, you're hooked on it. Take it away and you go through withdrawal. I don't recommend stacking haste (or doing drugs), especially to the detriment of many of the other stats (or your life), but boy does it make me feel fly (not the drugs part, the analogy ended a while ago... catch up).

In any case, flying (yes, I purposefully used "fly" earlier in a different context because I'm nerdy and thought it was a funny segway) around on a slow bird makes me feel antsy, so I decided its time to go back and grind some on my main. The money is faster, and I could use the rep. I can't say there is much there gear-wise that excites me. I have the 30 SP and mp5 head enchant right now. I know I have no use for mp5, but the 30 SP is tasty. I'm thinking that I'll switch for the slightly less SP on the SoH head enchant since it also gives a nice bit of crit. I'd rather not waste stats if I can help it.

The 22 slot bag pattern will be nice, but the mats are pretty steep right now. I wouldn't mind having the fun mammoth mount too (the 900G one, not the 9K gold, though if I preform a WoW heist soon, maybe I'll magically get 9k).

The dailies around there aren't a bad way to pick up some crystallized earth and fire too, since you usually run across revenants that drop them. Sort of like in TBC when I did the Fire over Skettis daily and then farmed up a Primal Water on the way back to town. I don't really need the Earths, but I know a good alchemist who can transmute them to something useful for me.

All of the dailies are pretty easy, except one. If you've done them, you know the one. The stupid spear and kill a wyrm quest. It definitely takes some getting used to. Having him drop me from the sky to my death really sucked. Warlocks totally should be able to do something to mitigate falling damage (even if its on a long cooldown so as not to be useful all the time). Mages and Priest both have things right? Clothies do spells, spells save lives... Warlocks, kill? You're right, I guess mitigating falling damage doesn't really go with our street rep. Bring on the falling damage!

In any case, to be successful at killing the wyrm, I've found you need to basically alternate the quick attack and the grip buttons constantly, throwing in the powerful attack whenever the cooldown is up. You're gonna wanna try to throw in a dodge when he swings he claws, but don't worry, it's not on GCD so it doesn't mess with your rotation. Once you get to phase two (in his mouth), just spam the first button until you get lowish on health or feel luck and then hit the second. I'm not sure what to look for in the second phase other than having "pried" a bit before trying to stab him in the mouth. After you kill it, you're not going to want to try another one just for grins.

It has been recommended to learn this fight in the buff, so as not to damage your gear, but keep in mind you'll probably lose a good chuck of stamina in the process. The rest of your stats don't really help out, but having that extra health is nice. I have a good picture of me zipping off to fight au naturale, but forgot to send it to work... maybe I'll put it up tonight for grins.

Doing all of the dailies nets you a decent amount of rep, plus ~120G before repairs. All in all, not a bad way to spend an hour. (I rather do do a lot of asides, apologies, but parenthesis are totally "in", at least in my world. Perhaps I'm on drugs after all if I think parenthesis are cool. Can you be on drugs and not know it? Is that like how crazy people don't know they're crazy? If you time traveled and saw yourself would your head explode?)

(We would like to apologize again for the asides. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked, have been sacked. /headdesk).


  1. Welp hun, I'm not making anymore coffee for you sir!

  2. Hahaha, oh please do, Fuu. He's a very entertaining on (and off) coffee! :P

    Ah yes, my hunter has hit 77. I caved and bought the cold weather flying, but I can't afford the epic flying for her yet.

    Sometimes, I just pull out the epic ground mount and "pretend" I still can't fly. That poor wyvren has seen a lot of mileage.