Thursday, January 15, 2009

Small Glyph Update

So I had the following all typed up last night but didn't get quite finished with it as we had an important meeting last night: Fuubaar and I have officially "set the date" for July 18th. What date, you may ask... You see, IRL we've specced into an aura called "engagement". This is general aura that can be applied and gives you x2 to all stats. We are speccing another point into the talent to bring us to "married" which makes the aura permanent. We'll officially "ding" on July 18th. Long story short, sorry I didn't get his up last night.

I usually try to post earlier in the day, since I figure most people like to read around lunch time. However, today's post is coming to you later, complete with wowHead links because I needed to actually do some research for it. As I've said before, work firewalls prevent me from visiting research sites, so this necessitated a later posting time. Apologies if you were disappointed on your lunch break today.

With that said, I felt it was time for an update on the Glyphs I'm employing on both my Warlock on and my Death Knight. As I start to prepare for raiding, I'm finding it is becoming important to make sure my glyphs are appropriately applied. My old post on the subject can be found here, if you are interested in my original thoughts for why I chose what I did.

Okay, now that you've read the preamble, here's the list:

Warlock Glyphs



DK Glyphs
The caveat here is that I have not raided with my DK and may never end up raiding with her. I choose most of theses glyphs for solo surviveability and fun. Also, I wanted to be able to help out with the healing aspect of a group as we're normally okay for tanks but short on healers. I've found a blood DK can be a band-aid to a half-a$$ heal solution if done right. For a better list of DK glyphs and choice, see Skeleton Jack's posting here (though he is talking more about PvP, I like his list).



So that's that. I'm not saying that these are particularly the best choices, but they are what I've settled on. I currently don't have a friend who does inscription, so most of this is just based on browsing the AH and seeing what I can pick up. Mix that in with a healthy dose of what is out on the blogosphere right now, and you have my recipe for success (hopefully).

Now, off to raid! (finally)

And raid we did, pulling together a 25-man VA and 10-man OS (I'm not exactly sure how to spell what they stand for yet, because they're long names, so I'll just stick with the acronyms). After a few rough tries we succeeded at the DPS-check boss in VA... his 5 minute enrage timer makes it rough, but we did it. OS was not so lucky, as we couldn't beat the final boss before it was bed time. Still, it was very good to be back in the saddle even though my DPS was crap. Also, I think my xPerl got glitchy in the 25 man, appearing to drop some of my DoTs off the boss. I'm not sure what was going on. I hope they fix that immolate bug soon too because I'm still using it despite my better judgement (I've been too lazy to edit my macro).


  1. Yay for setting a date! :)

    As for glyphs, I'll have to pop back here to reference (along with the others of course! :P) once I knock out these last 2 levels and have all my glyph spots. I have 'em filled right now, but not necessarily with my permanent choices. But, I got them from either a guildie (free) or my alt scribe, so I wasn't overly concerned with the idea of replacing them later.

  2. Grats to you two! Reserve me a seat at the "bloggers table" and keep the beer coming!

    If they werent about to nerf it I'd say grab the Glyph of Death and Decay. The cower proc is sweet but it's about to go to a static +20% damage boost instead. The cower proc was entirely way too OP in PVP.

  3. Yeah, the nerf is why I decided against it for now.

    TY both for the grats.