Sunday, January 4, 2009

Burn Baby Burn

Recently, despite my innate hatred for fire spells as an Affliction Warlock, I've started throwing Immolate back into my rotation. Now that I'm a lot more comfortable with it, it isn't as hard to keep so many DoTs up. On more complex fights, it still is usually the first spell I throw out though. I can't say I'm noticing a large difference in DPS, maybe an extra 20 on average. Maths would say that immolate is better than an extra shadow bolt. Perhaps I need to pick up the immolate glyph to really make it worth my while.

For those who are curious, the rotation I've been using since the patch and am still sticking with is this: Corr, Haunt, CoA, UA, Immo (new), SL, SBolts. I'm sure there is some criticism for this rotation. Most are advocating throwing in another SB early to make sure to get Shadow's Embrace up. I throw it in as soon as I have space, or a Nightfall proc. Why? It's easier for me and the embrace is low on my list of things to keep up. Perhaps it shouldn't be, but oh well. I lead off with Corr just because it is instant and easy to "set and forget" since I'll keep refreshing it with Haunt.

Putting Haunt early is a must, same with CoA. I'll sub whatever curse in that slot if I need to change too. It's nice to have those up while you're doing the rest of your crap. The real meat of the DoTs are the three in the middle. UA and Immo run up at about the same time, so you can always cast them back to back if you're good. SL will run up half as much, so every other time you'll throw down on three refreshes. Haunt will usually start creeping in on the front of these spells too, so what you're really getting for a refresh rotation is something like: Haunt, UA, Immo, SL (half time). Obviously you'll refresh your curse whenever you're forced to. The rest is shadow bolt filler. I usually like to life tap right before haunt runs out to keep my mana up. This works out pretty well, IMO.

For trash I just start truncating DoTs depending on the life span. Real short trash may only see Corr, Haunt, SB's. Usually if I'm farming I'll put on a SL on multiple mobs before doing some sort of AoE, as it kind of takes away from the beating. I'm not real happy with trash DPS on the whole right now, but I haven't read anyone who is. I'm hoping future patches will show us some love there, otherwise we'll just keep doing well on bosses but never topping charts. Sad but true. We need to be at least moderately respectable on trash to keep up nowadays, as we don't just wtfpwn bosses anymore. It is very hard to compete with the hunters of the world.

I really need to do more instancing to test all this, but I believe I've already made a post bemoaning the lack of grouping Fuu and I are able to do at the moment, so I'll spare you another rant. Mostly, I've been running quests to get exalted with the Oracles and slogging towards a long term goal of one day being a "Loremaster". Plus, my DK is now at 64 and slowly making her way up. I'm not sure what's in store for her yet, but DK is totally easy-mode for me right now and a welcome distraction to the current frustrations in warlockland.

In other news, I need to take some more pictures...

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