Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Patch Day!

That's right, 3.0.8 hits today... NOW! Even as I'm writing this! Whaaa?!

I'm making up for my lazy weekend with a dual post today... I won't bore you with a huge copy pasting, so go read the patch notes for yourself here. Apologies if you're at work and can't read them, so I will copy the Warlock's section below...

Here are some highlights.
  • Tapping: All player spells which cause a creature to become aggressive to you will now also immediately cause the creature to be tapped.
  • Lots of Wintergrasp changes. Read up. All in all, I think its good.
  • Bunch of DK stuff. My fave: Heart Strike no longer has a haste debuff but will now be able to strike two targets.
  • Reduced the cloth required to make a Bolt of Imbued Frostweave.
  • Many high level enchantment recipes have had the amount of Infinite Dust and Greater Cosmic Essence requirements significantly reduced, but with Dream Shards being added to them.
  • Much much more. DK's probably have the most class changes. Tapping is great for 'locks. Profession changes are overall good.
Here is the Warlock section. Painfully small, but some good stuff in there:


  • Curse of Agony will now scale better when used with the Glyph of Curse of Agony. Ticks beyond the original duration will do 33% more damage than the ticks that preceded them. i.e. 74 -> 145 -> 217 -> 290.
  • Demon Armor and Demon Skin: Armor increased by approximately 120%.
  • Demonic Circle: The teleport now clears all snare effects.
  • Drain Mana: Now drains a percentage of maximum mana.
  • Emberstorm: Now works with Conflagrate.
  • Ritual of Summoning: Will now create a summoning portal object which can be re-used for multiple summons for 5 minutes.
I may be tempted to make more use of CoA and perhaps pick up the glyph. I'd probably replace my Shadowbolt one then... I still don't see using Demon Skin/Armor and losing the bonus SP from Fel Armor. The circle buff is good, but I still don't like having to set it down before using it. You should be able to use it to "teleport" in-place, just to clear effects if you haven't put down the first part. The summoning change is huge and much needed. Yay for not wasting all my shards getting people to the raid! There is also a bunch more about "bug" fixes for warlocks too, some of which were mentioned before so I won't rehash. Hopefully we're seeing a DPS boost across the board from these fixes.

And that is that. Here's to hoping the servers are actually up for playing this evening.


  1. *cough*Glyph of Felguard update*cough*.. because.. you know.. you're using it so often T_T.

    I like the new summon changes and Glyph of CoA seems nice now but I agree that Fear is el oh el now. I used to rock the 49 AB brackets back in the day but now every single class seems to have a "get out of fear free" card and we get.. a teleport.. at 80. No spammable close range spells besides Searing Pain. Death Coils cooldown sucks. As soon as everyone piles up the resilience again, our PVP game is as good as dead.

  2. Tapping changes make me warmfuzzy, especially when there's a lot of competition for mobs.

  3. Yeah, maybe we need a new PvP CC type spell that isn't fear since everyone QQ's about fear. Maybe just like a simple trap mechanic so we can run away a bit, but it only works on like... players. Like make banish work for players. I don't know.

  4. I'd like to see they make demonic circle more interesting, myself.. maybe increasing your damage output while standing in it, reducing demon cast times, removing reagent costs from spells like soul fire or shadowburn. For PVP maybe make it work like a Hunter trap so if another player steps in it they become banished for 5 seconds or something?

  5. Ooooh fun. Or just instant death. I mean it's not THAT big. Besides, a random instant death would greatly improve my DPS.