Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day Gear List

The picture at the right was shot using my cell phone at 9:00AM this morning. I'd like to call your attention to two things. First, the green arrow on the left is pointing to my car. Mind you, that car was completely cleaned off less than 12 hours ago. Fuu would also like to point out that her car is the one next to mine that is also covered. The other point of interest is to the right, you can see the man just came by with the snow blower and there is a precipice of snow. Yeah, we got 11 inches over night. That's 27.94 centimeters for you folks who do the metric system. That's a lot! So yeah, Fuu and I get a snow day from work today. I called my interim boss (the other one is out this week), who was also at home (and ironically plays WoW), and he told me not to worry about it. I told him to enjoy his PvP today. Fuu works downtown in the city, and the place is a mess right now. Her boss is one of two that braved it, but is just there to tell everyone else: "Stay Away". Anyways, epic snow day.

Since I'm home, I've actually got some links for you today. Sorry if you were not so lucky as us and are actually at work :-).

Okay, so what I did was hit up the Emblem of Heroism vendor in Dalaran and browse her wares last night, picking out the pieces that would be an upgrade for me. Then I put them in order of what I thought would be my biggest upgrades, and allow me to do the most with my gear. I must preface this list saying that your priorities may be different. Some of it may not be worth the investment, but I haven't been getting any drops, and I know these pieces will go to good use. So anyways, here's my summary of good, 10-man badge gear for Warlocks. Keep in mind, I'm sitting at mostly quest blues right now, so if that is your case, I'm hoping this list may help.

  1. T7.10 Chest - Heroes' Plagueheart Robe - 80 Emblems of Heroism
  2. Waist - Plush Sash of Guzbah - 40 Emblems of Heroism
  3. Neck - Encircling Burnished Gold Chains - 25 Emblems of Heroism
  4. T7.10 Gloves - Heroes' Plagueheart Gloves - 60 Emblems of Heroism
  5. Trinket (Optional but I like it) - Discerning Eye of the Beast - 50 Emblems of Heroism
  6. Good Off-Hand (If I ever get a good main hand) - Ward of the Violet Citadel - 25 Emblems of Heroism
And that's it. Those are all purple items except for the trinket which is bind on account. I'm focusing on 10-man stuff, because that's the majority of what I'll be doing. I'm not pugging 25-man stuff, even though I know the gear there is vastly better. I'll get to it eventually. This is just my aim for now with doing heroics and 10-mans. I may do some PvP (especially Clustergrasp), but I'm not doing an exhaustive bit of research on that list either.

I feel I should point out that I picked up the Titan-forged Hood of Dominance from the Wintergrasp vendor the other day. I filled it out with a +19 SP gem and the +20 (and minor run speed increase) meta gem from the same vendor. I don't care much for the PvP aspects of it, the run speed is kind of nice if you're kiting something, but the stats were much better than what I had on and I might as well make those marks work for me.

So that's my plan to "go epic". I really need some better trinkets, but just haven't found any. Mine are still green (the only green pieces left). Obviously, this isn't going to completely epic me out, but I'd like to think it'd give me a good start and make raiding/heroics a bit easier. I also plan on getting a hold of some of the crafted stuff (I'm a tailor) as well, but that's a list for another time.

Ding. 12 inches. :-D


  1. My friend, the very first trinket you must get yourself from Heroic Violet Hold (from the Dragon boss) is Mark of the War Prisoner ( but DO NOT trash your green hit trinket (which is from a quest in Dragonblight, I think - Thorny Rose Brooch You won't have to use the Brooch for heroics as the MotWP and gear will give you plenty of hit for the 6% required on level 82 bosses.

    I agree with your choice to get the Chest Token first and foremost as it is a bit harder to get the token from Naxx (4HM) or from VoA (which is extremely RNG). I also agree with the belt, however I would suggest using the blue hit necklace (Emeline's Locket - if you have it still, as the dps gain vs the hit rating is just not worth it until you get hit from a shoulder piece or something else.

    As for Main Hand, what are you using??? unless you got an extremely nice stave, I would suggest getting the Flameheart Spell Scalpel ( from the Kirin Tor (at revered) and then pairing it with the Ward of the Violet Citadel.

    Also, I'm not sure what the PUG scene is like on your server/faction but I would implore you to at least try and pug 25man OS and VoA. Literally free chances on level 213 items and guaranteed valor badges (6 a week between the two places).

  2. Oh, I totally forgot about stuff from tailoring. Until such time as you get your T7 gloves, the Ebonweave Gloves are very helpful for the hit. The Deathchill Cloak (if you got the Northrend quest achievement or just look for a tailor who has it) is extremely nice, relatively hard to replace.

  3. Yeah, I plan on doing the tailoring stuff and am slowly leveling the profession to match. Just gotta farm tons of cloth. I've been making everyone bags, which makes it take longer. I believe I have that locket now, I would only sacrifice the hit if I'm capped and the rest is going to waste. I'm capped for raids right now (actually a bit above), so its a possibility.

    I've been using the staff from the amphitheater quests, its decent. I would like to get the Kirin Tor dagger eventually, but I don't think my rep is up there yet. I really haven't done much grinding and have been using the Wyrmrest tabard (I want the mount). Eventually that is part of the plan too... probably by the time I get the chest and waist out of the way, I'll be ready for the off-hand. We'll see.

  4. hehe, beside the red drake from the WA, you should check out that nice boots they got with your name all over it. It's a nice one.

  5. I agree with Kinzlayer that you should shoot for the Mark of the War Prisoner from Heroic VH. The Deathchill Cloak mats are extremely easy to get and lasted me until I got the spell hit cloak from Noth in Naxx-10.

    The dagger from Revered Kirin Tor should be your MH until Naxx actually, since you can't use maces for the Titansteel Guardian. You want to hit Rev with them anyway because thats your helm enchant faction.

    Uhhh what else.. *thinks*

    Exalted Wyrmrest has nice boots. Exalted AC has a decent ring. The robe from exalted KT has the exact same stats as the robe from Noth which has a really high drop rate so its up to you. There are MUCH better robes out there. Heroic Oculus has a really nice pre-naxx helm and robe not to mention the epic staff if you can manage to down Ley Guardian.

    If you just want some easy epics from heroics, Nexus has good gloves, VH has good bracers, Drak has decent gloves, AN has a good belt and wand I think. Heroic UK has a blue wand from the first boss that I'm still using.

  6. *continues to take notes*

    I'm counting on you to help me with my gear list for when I finally hit 80, y'know. :P

  7. Who needs to do research when I have you guys :-).

    Don't worry syrana, I'll make another half-cocked list and let these whiz kids tell me how its really done ;-).

    Looks like for rep, after WA, I'm going Kirin Tor for the dagger. I'm sick of carrying around the ugly staff anyways. Also, I really need to get my tailoring up.

    But, my DK is 74 now :-).

    So I guess my new list would be chest, waist, then off hand... maybe gloves. I have 40 emblems right now... halfway there.

    We may start Naxx this week too, so it all may be a moot point once I start grabbing gear from there.

    The short lesson to take here is that quest blues, when gemmed and itemized correctly (think getting hit capped and then maximizing SP), can make you successful at the entry level heroics and get you into naxx. I'm actually hovering around the 1800DPS mark which is pretty decent. I'd like to bust 2k and a few of these emblem upgrades should help that.