Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ding 20!

20 readers that is. Yay! Thanks go out to all of you who tune in to listen (aka read) to my daily drivel. Hopefully it hasn't been all dull. Maybe I've even helped along the way. In any case *Cheers*!

I'll be actually making a real post later tonight when I can get to my research sites. Hopefully, its going to be a short update/summary on all the glyphs I'm using both as a Warlock and DK. I suppose we'll see. The weather is bad here with snow and all, and I may just as easily end up in a ditch.

Hopefully Not Like This


  1. Well, I think I would be more impressed if your car turned into a 1990 Honda Civic, lost all of its windows, and filled up with that much snow. lol

    Good Game though.

  2. El oh El @ Fuubars response.

    I woke up for work today, looked outside and had that 3 second "WTF" moment when your eyes focus on inches of snow covering your car. March 20th can't come fast enough.

    On a Warlock note, I can't find anyone on my server who can make Glyph of Felguard.. boo hiss.

  3. Gratz on the readership!

    And I hope your car doesn't end up like the one in the picture. Thankfully, we don't have quite that much snow anymore (just supa' dupa' dangerously cold windchills coming tonight).