Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More on Cast Sequence and Glyphs: Fun vs. Math

Abigore (who posts as fear.win and has many names apparently) over at Fear. Dot. Win left some good food for thought for me on yesterdays post. I started to just comment back, but felt I wanted to say more. Hence, you get a shiny new post! Please direct all complaints over to Fear. Dot. Win. :-).

Sequential Thoughts

First, more about my cast sequence. I'm thinking I'm going to have to remove Haunt from my macro and give it its own button. Mostly, this is because of the 8 second cooldown. If I want to DoT multiple mobs, I don't like the cooldown getting in the way. I think I'll probably put it on button four and move my fire spells macro, since I don't use them that much.

I'm also rather annoyed at Everlasting Affliction. Has anyone else noticed that when it procs, it causes you to be unable to clip Corruption? For me, it tells me a "more powerful spell is active", which is the first time I've seen such a message concerning a debuff. I understand it is not mana-efficient to clip the spell, but I'm not losing any damage as I would with CoA. This causes another sticky point in my macro, though I've added a "shortcut" button to deal with this already. I won't hold my breath that this is a mistake and will be fixed, but I certainly don't have to like this oddity either.

Another big question mark is Immolate. Does this help or hinder a rotation? Where would this be placed? In the past I have found it hurt my DPS, but now I wonder if it hurts my DPS just because my rotation doesn't use it well. If I were going to use it, I'd probably throw it in after UA, but is it worth the extra headache?

Nibuca over at Mystic Chicanery has done a great break down of the current crop of Affliction spells. She uses immolate, and notes that it appears we have two different sets of spells lining up. I'm thinking about trying to put each of these rotations on their own buttons and try to mesh them in practice. Yes, it is imperfect, but does it give better DPS? There are a certain few spells that are "clippable" without a loss of damage. I may try to trade mana-efficiency for higher DPS here, clipping some spells to make the rotations mesh better.

For bosses, the goal is obvious: maximize the uptime of all the DoTs. A good secondary goal to keep in mind is to give yourself a window to do other things like s-bolt spam, life taps, or other necessities. Obviously, some fights are more involved than others and this time would give you a chance to catch your breath.

For trash, it may be good to start with haunt, then go Corr and UA to be follow with s-bolts. I would drop CoA from trash because, by the time it starts ramping up, the mob is dead. Also, you're probably only going to have time to get a couple DoTs off before you'll want to hit s-bolts. I like to keep haunt up as it gives you some decent direct damage, while also maximizing any DoTs you do get off.

My test method is hardly scientific. Since a big up-side of any rotation has to be its practicality in a raid environment, I'm just gonna try different rotations for an entire raid and see what numbers I get. I'll also take into account how comfortable they felt. That is to say, if I don't feel completely scatter-brained by the end of the night. Look for some more thoughts later, this is most certainly a work in progress.

Glyphs of Choice

Second, I'd like to talk about glyphs real quick. I currently employ the following glyphs:
  • Major Glyph of Corruption
  • Major Glyph of Shadowbolt
  • Minor Glyph of Enslave Demon

I have not filled the remaining minor glyph slots yet because none of the minor glyphs I want are available to me right now. I will probably have to wait until the expansion to get all the slots filled as I'd like. Future glyphs I plan to use:

  • Major Glyph of Unstable Affliction

  • Minor Glyph of Unending Breath

  • Minor Glyph of Souls

I like shortening my UA cast time, though I probably need to get my sequence settled before I really know if that's good for me. The two majors I already have are immediately useful. With Corruption the extra Shadow Trance procs are fun and a DPS boost, and with Shadowbolt the mana reduction is nice. Other majors to note would be Soulstone, Howl of Terror, and Felhunter. SS is a good buff to your stone, but I don't know how useful if you use your stone as wipe protection and not a battle rez (I would think most people use it for wipe protection). Howl of Terror can save you a talent point in the Affliction Tree, which opens up a whole world of opportunity to place it elsewhere. However, it remains to be seen if you could put that in something useful. Felhunter would be seem to be an obvious boost to DPS, so a simple choice if none of the above interest you.

I think the speed increase of the Unending Breath glyph would be fun and useful for when I'm farming water motes. Souls would save you a soul shard or two per raid, so might be a good utility. However, I'm reluctant to spend a slot on something that reduces the use of shards, as they are so easy to get on the fly. My current minor glyph isn't real useful either though, unless you happen to be fighting a lot of demons. Honorable mention goes to the Minor Glyph of Kilrogg, as this may be a nice utility to have as well. Though I suppose it would be mainly for fun instead of actually being useful. All in all, I feel like the minor glyphs fail to excite me on the whole.

That is really all I have at the current point in time. Am I missing some good glyphs? I hope there may be more to choose from (especially of the minor variety). I suppose I should have split this up into two posts... but too late now!

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  1. To clear up the name situation (lol) I've moved my blog from Wordpress to Blogger and back to Wordpress but for some reason if I comment to a Blogger users blog (like yours) it posts my name as my gmail address name (abi). I don't know WTF the deal is but I'm working on correcting it. Either way, Abi works, Fear.Win works, etc.

    Very awesome post, btw. I still haven't had Glyph of Drain Soul proc once. Unending Breath is fun (and I heard there is a lot of swimming in one of the starting zones in Northrend) but you're right.. there just aren't any great minor glyphs at the moment.