Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Because I Felt I Needed More Pictures

Well today's random story time is going to be tied together by several pictures into a (hopefully) coherent post. Leading off, to your immediate left is an old picture of two bears dancing. Those are Fuu and my RP Druids. They're a happy couple and doing just dandy at about level 12 over on Abi's server. We've never leveled Horde, so we're taking our time and enjoying it. Sometimes it is nice to start fresh.

Then, *insert clever segway here* we have questing for achievements on my main. I now have only to do Storm Peaks to get the Loremaster of Northrend achievement, having finished up Icecrown the night before last. For the record, when Blizz recommends 5 people for a quest, they're really saying its potentially solo'able. Don't ask me why, but it seems the 5 man quests don't really ever seem to require the full five people. I spoke some about this in my other post when we were running with four of us, one being a 75 druid healer. Some require more than others, but Fuu and I were able to duo a good percentage of it, more than enough to get the achievement for the zone. A good rule of thumb is to check up on wowhead what the commenters say. Most will give you a decent idea of how many people you actually need. If a commenter says he/she solo'ed it on an 80 Rogue just the other day, for example, chances are you can duo it no problem.

We also recently finished up Scholazar Basin too. I'm sure how I feel about how Blizz has done the quest based achievements in Northrend. I mean, if you go for these same goals in Outlands, you have to do every single quest to get the achievement. It seems in Northrend they alleviated this PITA somewhat in that there are extra quests. On one hand, this is nice because if you missed one random quest from somewhere out of the way, you don't have to go searching for it to finish off the zone. However, personally, I find it difficult to stop after I've gotten the achievement and still have quests left in a chain. Be it a cool story or just a desire for completion, I find it kind of annoying. It's like... I just finished 75 quests here, I should be done according to the achievement, yet I still have 5-10 more.

What's up with that? Do I do them? They don't really get me a whole lot. I mean, the gear is low for me, the money is so-so, and I no longer can use the achievement as an excuse. Sometimes it's hard for me to just let go, but there are times when that is a good thing. Take, for instance, the final couple of quests I had left in the Basin. One was the extremely fun ride-on-the-shoulders-of-another-giant-and-kick-gratuitous-amounts-of-ass quest. I'm glad I didn't miss that one, the game is about fun after all. Did anyone else notice that when you tried to jump with this character, he just kinda locked his knees and floated a bit? Despite his size, he's got no ups. Here's a decent screenie, and yes, I just jumped from that cliff full of dead bodies behind me, but you can't really tell (it looks superimposed to me):

Look Out Below?

Finally, to wrap up this incoherent quest babble, we have yet a third random picture. This one is a holiday hold over that I found while looking last night in the ever popular screenshots folder. I was being silly one night and had the crazy idea that riding the reindeer mount somehow reminded me of a shuttle launch. Therefore, I went outside to the Dalaran Aeronautics and Space Administration's (or DASA's) launch facilities and preformed a test launch. It was captured in all its splendor by a Gnomish Positioning Satellite (GPS) as it exited the lower Magisphere. All right, that's enough puns for one day, here it is:
Stormwind, we are "Go" for launch

And one more thing. Ever fight a dragon or plan on it? Secret Agent Cat has a great post called L2Dragon. I particularly liked the picture since I'm a visual learner myself. It's worth checking out if you feel so inclined.

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