Monday, January 26, 2009

Why Planning A Wedding Is Like Tanking

  • Everyone has their own garb, but yours is always the most expensive.
  • A good Priest is a treasure beyond worth.
  • Don't forget the buffs or people will be really upset.
  • While there is plenty of Rage to go around, you always seem to be OOM. (Mana or Motivation, you pick).
  • It certainly is a struggle to be uncrushable and uncritable, but you have to be because otherwise... you're dead.
  • Because sometimes the best offense really is a good defense.
  • The shinier the gear, the more you're gonna pay for it.
  • Does anyone have a map of this place?
  • Yeah, you're gonna wanna avoid LFG channels. Just trust me on this one. PuG's don't often turn out well.
  • Special food is a must. Potions and Elixirs are "optional", but can greatly ease the pain, especially if you don't have the good Priest mentioned above, so you'd better plan on bringing a lot.
  • Why is it so hard to find a balanced group? I don't care whether you're trying for 5-man, 10-man, or 25-man instances, you always seem to be missing at least one vital class.
  • I got it, I got it. Just let it beat on me and you'll do the rest. I've heard that before.
  • You must be very careful with what you click.
  • There is no such thing as too much room in your inventory, you're always gonna need more slots.
  • Watch out for those Holy spells. They can hurt.
  • I don't care who else is in the group, they can't get started with YOU.
  • "You pull it, you tank it"
  • There are always adds and YOU have to pick them up, regardless if you're currently getting your face smashed in elsewhere.
  • A good shield can really help. If you can't use a shield, you're gonna be taking it on the chin.
  • You leave your guild hanging and there's gonna be hell to pay. You think they can "just find another tank" that easy?

Feel free to add more in the comments =).


  1. No matter how careful you watch the group, SOMEONE is going to pull aggro.


  2. LMAO love this post...ha ha..