Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I mentioned yesterday that I was playing around with Curse of Doom. This arose from the fact that I as I was filling out my PvP bar, debating what was and wasn't going to make the cut, I suddenly "remembered" that I had this spell. I believe the last time I used this was on Curator, right before one of his evocations. Since that time, I haven't really had occasion to use it. CoA has always seemed like the better choice, or CotE.

In any case, in reading the tooltip and realizing it cannot be used on players, I was about to throw this one out, but then I read the part about potentially summoning a Doomguard. I realized I had never seen a Doomguard before. That is, one of my own summoning. I guess I've just never really killed anything with CoD.

So a plan hatched itself in my brain. I would go out and test this spell on something that would both give me honor and yet not kill me. I.E. a level 77ish mob. I flew north out of Dalaran to the nearest area I could find with mobs in Icecrown. This is where I encountered problem #1.

Problem #1 stemmed from the fact that the undead are immune to fear. Icecrown is crawling with undead, so that is what I found when I landed. My plan was to put CoD on an enemy, drain some of his life, and then fear him and let him run around until he died. Welp, there goes the fear part.

It's okay though, they don't hit very hard and I can always drain tank. Problem #1 solved, drain tanking for one minute... check.

I popped CoD on the baddie, then got him to under 7k health (my tooltip said CoD would hit for 7k, so I got him well under that to make sure he died from it). I let him beat on me, draining him down, but not too low lest I kill him by mistake. The monster dies and I get meet a Doomguard. Yay! Success!

But wait, I forgot about Problems #2 and 3.

Problem #2 is that I am now decently injured from allowing the baddie to beat on me until death, thus I'm sitting at maybe 50% health when the Doomguard puts in his appearance. I'm also a clothie, mind you, so he starts hitting me for a decent amount.

Problem #3 is that I don't normally use "Enslave Demon" so the spell is most definitely not "at hand".

Thus, with those two problems in mind, I am not getting whacked by a being of my own creation, threatening to kill me, and I have no way to stop him in the immediate future. Did I have a soulstone on? Of course not. Healthstone? Nope. I wasn't planning on an epic battle here...

So, yeah, I got three shotted by my own Doomguard. I guess that's what I get for trying to use the stupid spell. I really have to figure out something else to put there...

Here's a picture of the outcome... notice dead baddie, dead me, live Doomguard standing on my face and taunting me with his awesomeness. He despawned before I could exact my revenge too. I was pissed.
Curiosity Killed the 'Lock


  1. I LOL'd



  2. Great death.

    I think the first time I actually got a Doomguard to spawn from a CoD was in ZA on the birds during the hawk boss. Very funny when people start yelling in vent about a demon beating on them and I was not prepared.

  3. LMAO nice.. Wow, now that I see the screencap, that thing is in dire need of a re-skin.

  4. *giggles*

    One must always be careful of calling forth that which they are not able to control! ;)

  5. - for sure... it is an ollld spell. I bet it looked really scary back in the day. Now it just evokes feelings of shame in me :-D.

    @All - I'm glad my dying amuses you all ;-).

  6. Hey there fellow warlock! Here's the deal with the Doomguard: as of patch 3.0.8 (the most recent one), the Doomguard's been buffed like crazy. A Doomguard summoned by an epic'd out level 80 lock will have more than 40,000 hp! The highest hp of all our pets. Now, to summon one, don't waste your time with curse of doom as it takes too much planning and can't be used very safely in a dungeon or raid environment. Instead, obtain the Ritual of Doom spell by doing a questline starting in the Blasted Lands (check for details). Then you and four party members can summon a Doomguard together - one of the summoners will suffer a massive hp drop and will need to be healed immediately, but the Doomguard's your's! Get cracking - it's a cool warlock quest!