Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Maintenance Day

Rumor has it there is some major maintenance coming our way today, so be prepared to do something else tonight. Here's hoping the servers won't all be down *crosses fingers*.

Rumor also has it that this is an indication that another nifty patch is coming real soon. I sure do hope there is some warlock love in it. Do we need it? Hell yes! Don't believe me. Read the MC here, or BRK here. Both places you'll see sympathy for the devil. One from a 'lock herself, the other from the hunter extraordinaire (even if it is just a clever jab... I'll take it).

Many 'locks haven't been posting DPS number (me included), probably out of pure shame. That, and, perhaps like me, you're almost 90% sure you'd doing something wrong but can't figure out what it is. There is no way you're that bad. Right?! I mean, I'm being routinely out DPS'ed on trash by my pally tank counterpart. That's ridiculous, I'm obviously just facerolling or something. But I've checked and rechecked my rotations, tried different spells, even thrown down on some good old AoE, and none of it seems to matter. Sure, on bosses I can still maybe compete, and when I don't have to worry about things like aggro, positioning, etc, I can AoE stuff with the best and still be decent.

But since WHEN has DECENT cut it for us? I can't heal. I can't tank. I can't CC very well. And I'm reasonably sure that those aren't just due to a lack of skill (perhaps the CC'ing, but fear isn't exactly the CC of choice, my banish is just dandy thank you). Give me some DAMNED DPS. I want to KILL SHIT. It's kinda what we do, right? Ugh!

Okay, okay, I'll stop complaining. I just love my class, I love my spec, I don't even mind the rotation... it's challenging. It's just frustrating that when you complete the challenge, you don't get cool numbers to show for it. IF you're lucky, you get average numbers (Like MC, I'm somewhere ~1.5k on average). Woot?

Right... 1,2,10 /calming breath

If all this hullabaloo is not for you (woot rhyme), check out a class neutral post about PuGging over at BBBB. He gets wordy at times, but I think its a really good example of my feelings on avoiding PuGs, randomly finding good ones, and hoping your guild catches up. Oh yeah, and always remember only you can prevent asshattery.

And I'm sure I have some pictures around here somewhere... gotta remember to get them to work with me. Oh yeah, work...


  1. I'm definitely feeling yours and most warlock's pain right now. I will have to capture my logs for the next few days to analyze with WWS but I swear with all my upgrades I still can't push more dps. It is getting to the point where I'm doubting if my spec, my rotations, and my approaches. Rotations wise, I'm not doing anything drastically different then any of the other affliction 'locks on the Den for trash and for bosses, in heroic or in raids. Our spec (Haunt/Ruin) is suppose to be, by the theoricrafters, the highest potential dps but I have seen nothing to assuage me. While a few minor upgrades for my warrior and I see huge increase in dps. I still love the identity of a warlock but man does my warlock's pride bruised to purple heaven.

  2. Yeah, same here. I've double and triple checked my stuff. I mean my playtyle means my spec and rotation may be slightly different, but I'm following the same principles. I'm pretty confident in my approach, its just the way of things right now. I'm not jumping ship, but I will get my DK up to cap too to give me another option in case they neglect 'locks into oblivion.

  3. I have yet to try the DK since I'm waiting to make me a gnome DK but everything I have heard thus far really excite me; I'm thinking to do a bit of RP'ing with the DK. I haven't made one yet since that would mean I have to delete someone and I don't have another toons higher then 55 anywhere else so I'm forced to wait patiently for 3.0.8 to come.

  4. It's still hard to stomach how broken warlocks are right now. In 25-man Archavon, there was a warlock with gear that is better than mine and he couldn't break 2k DPS as Destruction. If a Shadowpriest is out-DPSing a better geared Warlock, something is wrong.

    It almost makes me want to level my Warlock from 70 to 80 just to see how broken they really are.

  5. I'm still generating logs for WWS but from last night I'm noticing something that is pretty interesting. The last boss in H VH, I generated 2.6k dps according to WWS and on Recount I'm seeing 1.7k tops. I'm hoping to run a couple of VoA tonight or Thursday to get more data, and then this week end some Naxx to fill out more logs.

  6. @fear.win - Yeah, sad times. I suppose everyone has to take their turn though.

    @kinzlayer - Really? Let me know what you find out because that is really interesting. I only ever use recount and perhaps its not counting something correctly. That would be news to me.