Friday, January 2, 2009

Violet Hold Heroic Sucks

Yeah, so what's up with having to restart an instance every time you die. I know, I know, its exactly like BM, but that sucked too. This one is even slightly worse because you have this whole random couple of bosses thing. Why is that bad? Well let me tell you...

You see, 90% of them are easy tank and spanks. Even the water elemental one you can kill the adds with a simple crystal dohickey. They're all pretty straightforward.

Then there is that one dude who summons the orbs and makes you kite him all around the friggin crumbling, broken, irregularly shaped room. He SUCKS. If all the other bosses are max 5 in difficulty on a 10 point scale, he is an 11. It's higher than 10.

Now, I know there are plenty of tougher raid bosses out there, and maybe even a more difficult heroic fight. I'm not saying this is the most difficult fight ever created, just that it is a huge PITA. Combine that with having to restart when you fail, and you create an incredibly frustrating situation. Get unlucky enough to have him as your first boss, and you get a lootless, thankless, expensive waste of time.

I compare the frustration of this fight akin to the 1% wipe on Prince in Kara, when you know you're doing everything right, but just can't beat it because of some stupid luck mechanic.

It wouldn't even be so bad if you could go right in at the boss right again instead of having to go through all the crap you already cleared to get back to the point where you failed. Forget learning this fight, you either need someone who knows and has done it going in, or prepare for the pain of failure... repeatedly.

Perhaps your experience wasn't as bad as mine and Fuu's. Granted we were both undergeared, but you have to start somewhere right? I felt way worse for her because she was uber frustrated though she was doing her best to try and kite the idiot around. There is just very little margin for error for a tank here. It didn't help that the pugged healer just kept repeating "You HAVE to keep him away from the orbs." Thanks bro, do you wanna tank it? Its not like we're not trying. It's stupid random boulders and curves that kinda get in your way when you're focusing on avoiding an orb and walking backwards. I mean, I have a hard time walking backwards IN REAL LIFE. I mean, I AM blonde, but it can be tough... and I'm not usually fighting anything while doing it and avoiding crazy orbs. At least not on Fridays.

And then when you're just getting the hang of it... he ports you back to him and you all die instantly. Sweet. GG Blizz. Lets go through some more portals to get back and give it another try. Nah, F@$& this guy.


  1. I agree that the random boss feature in VH is a crock and lately our group gets the glory of having him and the voidwalker boss almost 905 of the time we run it on heroic.

    What we do for this PITA is to have the tank grab aggro and immediately run up to the top of the middle platform. DPS needs to really lay in to him and stay ahead of the tank while they kite. This avoids a lot of LOS issues for the healer.

    Walking backwards isn't fast enough to get away from the orbs so sometimes Fuu might have to turn around and run, turn back to lay a couple more shots in, repeat.

    Once you get to one side and he summons another orb, haul ass back to the middle platform and repeat.

    Once you get the kiting down it's not too hard, just more annoying than anything.

    I've ran that place in to the dirt and STILL haven't gotten the epic cloth drop. It's always the damn druid tank staff and we don't even have a druid in the guild lol.

  2. For the VW boss having a warrior tank with Improve Spell Reflect makes it extreme PITA, every one stand close to the tank (might have to be behind the tank) and all the tank does is Spell Reflect every CD while everyone else is pewpewpew. In case you don't have a warrior tank, what I do on this fight is basically just SoC, not the best dps but I often get the buff and the adds doesn't last very long, still a pain in the tookus.

  3. Meh, it's pretty easy. L2P.

  4. @Anon - Well, back in January when I posted this, it seemed a lot more difficult. Having improved my character significantly since then, it's a cake walk now, I'd agree.