Friday, January 16, 2009

VA, OS, GoSL and other Acronyms

As the title might imply, this is going to be a random smattering of thoughts I'm having at the current point in time. I'd like to slightly recap my raid experiences, point out that I picked up the Glyph of Siphon Life, debated with constructing a PvP bar, and almost leveled my DK to 70.

First up, the Vault of Acha... Archa... Notgonnabealiveanymore. This is the theoretical "prize" for winning Clustergrasp. That is to say, you must own the zone to have a shot at this place. It's a quick, few trash pulls then single boss type of encounter. The trash is easy, and so is the boss if you know the fight. He's basically a big DPS-check. Not even a high one at that, just has to be killed before his enrage timer goes up. This can be done with all sorts of different raid compositions, which is a good thing since most people will PuG this. Things to watch out for here are the "fart cloud" and "crazy rocks".

The "fart cloud" is an AoE attack that looks like a dirty cloud that the boss releases after jumping somewhere in your party. This can result in death if you do not move out of it. The "crazy rocks" are linked to an attack that the boss performs on a random member of the raid, throwing out rock shards that cause AoE damage around that person. Again, this is a very visible attack, so do your best to move out of it. As a not-very-well-geared clothie, the stupid rocks will three-shot me, giving me a scant three seconds to get out da way. Other than these two things, though, stand your ground and DPS hard. This was a good warm up as a 'lock, and my fingers were burning when I was done. I felt my DPS didn't show the effort I was putting in, but that's a different story.

OS is the Obsidian Sanctum I believe. Basically it is a lair of baddies from the black dragonflight. Thus, you're gonna fight a plethora of dragon based opponents (Wyrmkin and the like). When you enter the place (under Wyrmrest Temple), you'll see the final boss in front of you. Three mini-bosses surround the main boss, but do not have to be killed to take on the final boss. There are a few trash pulls as well. The idea here is that with each mini boss you kill, the final boss gets a smidge easier, but you also get fewer rewards (less gear drops). Thus, you kind of have to make a group decision on how good you *think* you are.

The mini bosses each summon little portals that you'll want to hop into and DPS the stuff inside down before rejoining the boss fight. There are multiple approaches to these fights, but what we did is have one tank and healer stay outside while another tank and healer and all DPS went inside to do our jobs, rejoining after killing everything or the timer ran out. Two of the mini-bosses have the same thing in the portals, namely a wyrmkin elite that need be DPS'ed down. These encounters are pretty easy. The other mini-boss has a bunch of eggs in the portals, if you do not kill the eggs before the timer runs up on the portal, you'll have a bunch of whelps on your hands and it can get messy. We opted to go in and kill as many eggs as possible.

The final boss is a full grown dragon, thus stand to the side as we all have learned (see the L2Dragon post by Secret Agent Cat that I referenced in case you have forgotten). The tricky part here is avoiding the walls of flame that sweep the boss platform from either the left or right. Each of these flaming walls have a "hole" in them where you will need to stand to avoid damage. Basically when the wall comes from the left the hole will be near the "back" of the platform. The opposite is true when it comes from the right, with the hole being near the boss or "front" part. Additionally, you're gonna have to find a way to deal with all the little flame elemental adds that spawn.

This is more of an awareness fight, and I can't claim that we were successful on it. We sort of ran out of time for more tries, since it was late. As a warlock, this is a cool little place to use that portal of ours. You can set it in one of the "holes" and use it to get there quick and/or reset yourself in position.

Switching gears from raiding now, I obtained a Glyph of Siphon Life last night and popped it into my spellbook. I actually changed my mind at the last second and removed my Glyph of Unstable Affliction. Did it get changed to only decrease cast time by 0.2s, or am I just an idiot? I thought it was 0.5s back in the day. I don't think 0.2s is worth a major glyph spot and I'd rather take the mana decrease on s-bolts. I don't think I'm really 0.2s accurate yet, so that time would be wasted anyways. I'd like to say I'm more perfect to make it count, but the reality is... 0.2s is pretty darned small. I'm still holding off on popping in a Glyph of Immolate because I want to see how they fix the spell in the patch. Right now it does weird stuff like dropping off with an early refresh which is annoying and makes me not want to use it. I have enough to deal with.

The GoSL has a second benefit in that I almost always use this spell along with my other insta-casts when I PvP in Clustergrasp. I mentioned that I'm debating making a PvP specific bar, which is true. I have always really just used one number bar at the bottom and several click-able bars throughout my screen to contain my spells for PvE. I'm finding that the PvE setup can hinder my PvP reaction speed a bit, so I think I will set up a second bar for PvP. I don't like the whole shift-# change thing, because I usually do it accidentally, but this may be a good case to do it purposefully. After I get some time to work with it, I'll try and post what I set up for reference. Basically I'm going to put fears, insta-DoTs, and escape spells with higher priority than my PvE bars gives them (a lot of these are buried, reflecting their "situational" usage only). I may even make a one button insta-DoT macro since I'm not ever really doing a rotation, but dotting and running like a good 'lock. We'll see.

Finally, my DK is about to hit 70, and hopefully will do so this weekend. I was DW'ing an axe and sword last night and felt like the BAB I was pretending to be. I like feeling powerful again after raiding on my sad 'lock. I even did some tanking for one of the quests with a random person from a friendly guild that I ran into. I slapped the correct presence on, but didn't need to change gear or anything and ran up some massive threat. It was pretty cool. I yearn for the day when I can feel powerful on both my toons. Until then, my DK will be my not-so-secret escape and I will beat my head against the 'lock wall trying to make myself better so that when the changes do come (and I believe they will), I will be a BAB and a BAL. Figure that last acronym out for yourself :-).


  1. Lookit me I'm helpful yay!

    Grats on dinging 20 too! I don't use feedreaders, but I do use favorites :3

  2. Yeah, I love that graphic. Pictures say a thousand words or something like that. The writing is good too, don't get me wrong, that's why I show up. But the picture makes it accessable even for the illiterate. Why they'd be searching blogs, though, is a question for another time.

    Technically speaking I don't do feedreaders either. I like to click and visit, but some stuff is blocked and feedreaders can get around that sometimes...

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the fart cloud. When I finally get my butt into gear and go to Wintergrasp, I don't want to be the one who dies from the stench. (Fires, blizzards, Lurker sprays, fart clouds, death beams.. a lot to stay out of! :P)

  4. Have you considered using your portal in VA to get away from the rocks?

  5. Grats on the Archavon kill! OS took us about 3 attempts to get everyone in a flame wall groove. Thats the hardest part to get 9 other people to understand lol.

    From a Warlock glyph standpoint, outside of Corruption, I'm finding most of them pretty lackluster. =\

  6. @Finwe - Yes, and it is a very good suggestion. Nibuca made it over on her site (the MC). The only problem there would be the cooldown... or forgetting to put the bugger down in the first place. - Yeah, there isn't too much to be excited about right now as a warlock. Looking at my DK glyphs I see a bunch that are pretty cool. As a Warlock, I'm just trying to find crap to fill the slots until they figure something out.