Friday, January 23, 2009

Numbers, Rotations, and a Funny Pic

Today's lazy Friday post is brought to you by the letter D. You can't spell DPS without "D".

Yesterday was actually a busy WoW day. I ran heroic Nexus on my Warlock and then went back later and three manned regular Nexus on my level 71 DK. The tank was 80 and the shammy healer/DPS was 74, so its not as cool as it sounds. Still, it was fun and we only wiped once.

With my Warlock on heroic mode, I was able to push out just under 1600DPS average for the instance. This is very good. Normally trash brings me down much lower. Bosses saw me at nearly 1800 DPS and I'm basically gear in all blues. I'll be excited when I break the 2k mark, but for now I'm a lot more content with my Warlock. It seems that because of the "easy mode" on the regular stuff, it took until we hit heroics and raiding to really find out DPS stride as a class. It can still be a struggle at points, and the affliction rotation can still use some work, but I'm gonna stop my QQ'ing.

I use a somewhat different rotation than most I've read, mainly because I don't lead of with a shadowbolt. I know having shadow embrace up early is good, but I like starting with something more... instant. Therefore, I put Corruption up right away, then follow with a Haunt, SB, and UA. This is pretty much as far as I get on trash, tossing on the occasional SL and switching targets well before the first one dies (checking my aggro table to make sure I don't outpace the tank). This has served me quite well. For bosses, I just keep going after UA adding CoA, SL, and Immolate. Yes, I'm using Immolate.

Despite the large number of dots I need to pay attention to on bosses for this, it really isn't too hard. It can make you feel scatter-brained at times, but basically when I get done applying all the dots, I'm right back to the front with a Haunt refresh. I'll clip spells to make the rotation fit nicer with less downtime, but they line up quite well in this order. At least in practice that is. There is very little shadowbolt filler, so that's something. I'm not sure what that something is, but it's something. On one hand I like being less reliant on shadowspam, but on the other it keeps your hands full if you have to pay attention to other things besides dot timers.

On my DK, I was pushing out almost 800 DPS on average for the instance. This seemed to be pretty good. I wasn't in the group with similarly geared/leveled people, so it was tough to gauge. Plus, when you're three manning, its not all about damage output, its more about just staying alive and beating the content, which I enjoyed. I wasn't too noobish and tried to not just faceroll through it, but after having headaches with a crazy rotation on my Warlock, DK'ing just felt, well, easy. It's a lot more forgiving, IMO. *shrug*

For my DK, I went with a crazy, made up utility spec that places emphasis on group heals (I was planning on not being in "real" groups and needing the healing). Thus I'm a crazy blood spec that can kinda party heal and such. Therefore I can't claim to have a spec that makes sense, but my rotation ends up being IT, PS, HS, HS, OB. I throw in a DC whenever I get high on runic power... but that's about it. If I want to AoE, I do the two diseases just the same (Icy Touch and then Plague Strike), then Pestilence to spread the disease, then a little Death and Decay to make 'em burn. This will pretty much use up your runes, so its nice to have a little runic power to shoot off a death coil or two while you wait. I usually still try to finish up with and obliterate too if I can.

Okay, enough about numbers and rotations, here's the part you all really wanted to see, the funny picture. The context here is that when you go to this one area of Storm Peaks, they turn you into a huge girl. We thought this looked quite humorous while on our mounts... so I snapped an action photo. They look like toy horses:
Poor Ponies


  1. It's like an adult trying to ride a tricycle.

    Interesting new title bar picture, too.

  2. Yeah, that was Fuu's doing... She wanted to be artsy.

  3. Hahaha A similar pony scenario occurred when Sideshow was doing the Grand Theft Palomino quest in the DK starting area... he was this big, bad Orc on the tiniest pony he could find. (He really needs to post it!) :P

    Also, glad to hear of the DPS numbers. Promising, promising!

    Oh and I like the skulls up top too. :)