Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dot, Fear, Run Away: PvP Bar Stylings

Sorry for the long, post-free weekend. It was my birthday and Fuu took me on a wonderful trip. Mostly we skiied for a day, and contrary to Fuu's precognitions of what the day would mean for her, she did not die. She does have a couple of pretty new bruises. I suggested that she wear plate instead of cloth next time we ski. What does a Pally know about wearing cloth anyways? The trip was great, but obviously Internet free, so sorry for the lack of posts.

I did get to play a bit once we returned home and was able to accomplish a few things. First on that list was the construction of a PvP bar for Clustergrasp. My PvE bar just wasn't cutting it; I needed different spells at hand. So here are a couple of pictures to get this discussion started. First, a full screenie so you can see how I'm rolling nowadays:
Clockwise from the top left, you can see I'm employing a frame replacement addon, some fubar addons, a map addon, a minimap addon, a bar replacement addon, and a warlocky addon. I won't go into specifics on which ones I'm using, but if you'd like to see such a post, leave a comment. For the sake of this post, we're going to zoom in on my action bar at the bottom (the one bound to the numbers):
This is what I came up with for my PvP guilty pleasure. Keep in mind that I pretty much only do Wintergrasp, so this is tailored with that in mind. From left to right we have:
  • "PvP" macro - All my instant casts are here: SL, Corr, CoA; for quick application. I like SL first because it keeps my health up if I spread it around a lot. Corr is the next best thing and CoA is the third. The nice thing about this is it gets 3 DoTs up in <6s.>
  • "PvPB" macro - This is just binding two spells to one button: Haunt and Shadowbolt. My s-bolts can be shot with "alt" held down. Good to have at finger's reach.
  • "DoTs" macro - This is the same one I use in PvE. It has UA and Immolate in sequence. Again, good to have at finger's reach. I also have my bolts and dots on the same keys I use in PvE so that I don't confuse myself.
  • Fear - This has high priority since I'm supposed to keep it up a lot. Since almost every class seems to have multiple ways of being immune or getting out of this, I get pissed quite often because I don't seem to have an equal number of ways to get out of their crap. QQ of the day here. Everyone got so pissed about fear that we got nerfed to hell through added abilities to other classes, yet what can warlocks do to avoid? We have what.. that new portal crap to break out of stuns or traps? We can't blink or run fast. Bah!
  • Death Coil - See Fear rant above... need to have close by for obvious reasons.
  • Howl of Terror - See DC and Fear above... I have all these stacked on one key for PvE, but for PvP I have the nasty habit of pounding on my keys when I've been stunned, etc, to try and get a fear off before I die. Having these on their own keys is a must for me, for facerolling purposes.
  • Drain Life - Helpful to have around
  • Drain Mana - I'm hoping this gets buffed, but when I'm OOM and can't anything else, might as well have this one around.
  • Curse of Tongues - Remember this one? I sure didn't. I'd like to use this on casters. Good stuff.
  • "LT" Macro - This is the same macro I use in PvE that has three spells on one button. Life Tap is the unmodded key, Dark Pact is with an "alt", and I can apply my super cool warlock armor with the "shift" key.
  • Rain of Fire - For those times when you really wanna AoE...
  • Curse of Doom - Not for PvP at all, but because I wish it could be. Imagine being able to hit a couple people with this and having Doomguard pop amongst their ranks. Fun stuff. This button isn't really used, I just put this there as a place holder. I've been playing around with this in PvE too, as it can be useful for farming low level stuff since you can put on all your instants quick and just run around, fearing as necessary. I've been playing around with CoD there and that's why its here.
  • What you don't see - You may think "but what about bandages or food, etc?" If you look at the full screenie, you'll see I have some stuff that is clickable above my action bars. This is where my general utility stuff like food goes in both PvP and PvE environments. I saw no need to change this.
So there you have it, my brand-spanking new PvP bar. I haven't been able to run a Clustergrasp with it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Got any questions? Suggestions? Obviously I am by no means a PvP god, just looking to make it fun for us UP (under powered, not upper peninsula) 'locks.


  1. Happy (belated) Birthday, btw. :)

    I like your UI, much cleaner like I used to have mine... at one time. I don't know about anyone else, but I would be interested in more info on your addon's.

  2. Hmm, okay. Incoming addon posts soon.

  3. Just have to say man nice post on your UI i am going to try those and see if i like them. I ran across your site here while at work being bored. I'll have to say i love your posts here, the sarcasm and "warlockery" makes for a good read. Keep up the good work.