Monday, August 31, 2009

For Pony!

Wewt for nerd pop culture references. Also, love LFG comic. If you haven't checked it out yet, definitely recommend it. Good stuff. Richard may or may not be my idol (along with every other warlock ever).

This week will probably be more picture oriented (if I can help it) since I'm off work for the week and pictures are pretty. (I normally can't access a whole lot of pictures at work due to being, y'know, at work.)

So here's two from the archives that I like:

It really doesn't get any better than standing in front of Ignis' forge after waterboarding him repeatedly in order to get information about Ulduar and it's contents. Oops, did we spray too much water in your face? You's be dead. Mah bad. What's left to do but mount up on your flaming horse and show off? Amirite?

Mister, mister! Your pony is on fire!

Remember that mister-mister dude? Yeah well I think I just killed him. (Anyone get the movie reference? Bonus points awarded...) Then I went and collected a bounty a few dozen times and got myself a sweet pony mount for my squire. It may look small, but that pony hauls ass. Plus, he'll like, do shit for me. Yahtzee! Granted it's only once every 4 hours and lasts for 3 minutes and I can only pick one thing (srsly, the pony hauls so much ass when I run around that he should be able to run errands more than every 4 hours, but it's still cooler than nothing). 150 seals will net you that little guy. Totally worth it.

Oh yeah, and my Dreadsteed is totally a show-off. What do you expect from the coolest mount in the game?


  1. Richard? Who's that? what kind of loser idolizes a comic character?

  2. *shrug*

    Who's that in your picture?

  3. What? THAT thing?

    That's... Prichard.

    He's a... Pwarlock.

  4. Nobody puts Richard in the corner!