Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Conquest Emblem Affliction Warlock Gear Wish List

I took some time last night while waiting to be graced with the opportunity to instance (that is all I'll say on the painful subject), to look through all of the Conquest Emblem gear in an effort to prioritize my future spending. It seemed to me that a lot of the pieces are curiously absent of spell hit, which means I'll have to start gemming for it again, plus will hopefully get large chunks of it from pieces like the T8 chest. In any case, I wanted to share my shopping list (in order of priority for me):
I also went back and spent my last 25 emblems of valor of the Disguise of the Kumiho since it was a slight upgrade over what I had. I'm sitting on a cape drop from the new 5-man instance that has some hit on it along with decent stats, in case I'll need it in the future. In addition, I got a great drop from that instance for my helm to: the Gaze of the Unknown. It looks to be better than the T8 helm, which is why that token isn't on my wish list. It also depends a bit on where I stand on hit as I start replacing things. Right now I'm over by quite a few points, so I'll need to remedy that anyways.

The problem is, running all these 5-mans that I outgear, I don't really get to see my full DPS potential, so I can't tell if I'm helping myself or not. *Shrug* The stats are trending upwards I guess...

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  1. OMG, I don't run enough Naxx/Ulduar to even come close to getting the token for the T8 chest, but it now appears that it is within my reach with a few more Heroics..