Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Calm Before The Blizzcon Storm

...Or the Cataclysm if you will.

That's right, everyone and their brother has jetted to the west coast for some crazy Blizzard hosted shindig. By everyone, I mean just about every damn blogger I know. Except for me of course. And Jessabelle. And Larisa. And perhaps a few others. In any case, it's far shorter for me to attempt to label those left behind in this Blizzcon induced rapture than those who are going. I hope y'all have fun, but not too much. Y'hear? I mean, report for sure, but like, don't make me feel any more left out! (Aw hell, who am I kidding, twist the knife! It refills my mana bar IRL anyways).

In my defense, I DID get married this year and that pretty much soaked up all of my vacation time. Oh yeah, and the money. A wedding is the ultimate money sink. If Blizz really wanted to annoy us and take our money, they'd introduce in-game weddings. (The totally had these in Final Fantasy, and they were expensive as hell there too. Here's a quick reference article. Funny thing is, we had those same rules at our RL wedding too. Note that you can bring a monster, just as long as you don't release them).

Anyways, as a consolation prize, I totally sent my Alliance GM with the instructions to try and find cool bloggers and throw my name around. He's like my little spy. So if you see a social awkward vorkish (yeah, totally made that word up, board it) man skulking around... wait, on second thought, just let him find you. (This brought to you by the what he said to me the other night: "Guys, I'm so NOT Vork". Lol, we love you anyways, bro... now go wash your cheerleader skirt for the trip).

In any case, I'll be with y'all in spirit. Keep me posted and tip one back for Fuu and me!




  2. yeah, I saw that. I thought my work was trying to block it.

  3. LOL I KNOW. I freaked out too. Then I played sim city.

  4. You keep telling me you have employment, and that you're an engineer... but like, you never actually work. sounds like the best job evar.

  5. Hence why his "employment" is Bankrupt

  6. It actually comes in waves. I'll be really busy for about 3-4 days, then I'll have a spot of down time. Since the economy's been slow, there's a lot more down time. I don't really like it, but it does let me do quite a bit for my gaming life, since that's all I can really do from work.