Thursday, August 27, 2009

DW Fail Tanking

Last night, I got the opportunity to put my DW tanking build to the test. I was whispered and asked if I'd like to go to Heroic ToC and tank. "Sure, why not," I answered. After completing the jousting portion of the event, I go in for the pull. One whack, two whack, three whack, dead. Right.

So I was pretty much a fail tank last night. Now, for anyone really wondering, I logged out in my tanking gear last night (Decedereful), and it's pretty much awful. I really had no business attempting to tank that instance... heck I'm still just shy of the heroic defense cap. I don't have the huge health pool that DK tanks require (only around 23k right now). I'm still in half blues. I'm wearing a DPS bracer. I think I have some PvP gear on too. Ugh! (And I totally warned my buddy).

In my defense, I do have the tier hands for tanking. I do have good raid drops for helm, shoulders, and boots. I'm not completely hopeless. Fuu even bought me a shiny tanking ring that she said will last me well into Ulduar. I wasn't completely hopeless, was I?

Okay, I probably was, but nothing ventured nothing gained, right? I definitely need to work on my tank gear, but my first priority is topping meters as a warlock, so I'm fresh out of badges and time right now. I only run my DK when requested/needed. I'll get it done eventually.

So, while I have actually run through some instances as a tank just fine... heroic ToC is going to have to wait. In fact, later in the night we nearly gave it another shot. We were short a tank. I said I was totally fail tank tonight, but we had a really well geared healer that wanted a challenge. Then, we thought better of it and brought him on a tank, swapped a pally to a healer (who wasn't very well geared and warned us as such) and tried to go with the weak link being the healer.

Again, we made it through jousting, and again we failed on the first bosses. You just can't survice ToC with a weak healer or a weak tank. I know you're thinking: "Well, duh. Of course you shouldn't do ToC with undergeared healers/tanks." We know this, we just wanted to try. I have some very good guildies, and one of the reasons is because we all like to challenge ourselves. We don't always take optimum groups or fill raids completely, because we'd rather being doing stuff together than waiting around for the perfect group to fall in our laps.

It can be frustrating, it can be costly, but it can also be full of learning and fun if you do it right. What did I learn? #1 ToC is much harder than "normal" heroics. #2 Preparation is key, you can be good, but no amount of skill will help a one shot. #3 Jousting is fracking dumb. Srsly, I had to joust TWICE and got absofrickinlootly nothing (yes, "lootly", it's funny in my world).

We will be back for you, heroic ToC, mark my words. And then, I'll shove a lance right in your... *Shakes Fist*

So, field testing of my DW spec in heroics is on hold right now, pending a gear upgrade or two. I'm starting to learn a rotation though: DnD, apply diseases, OB, hit Rune Strike whenever it's up, watch for glowing howling blast, frost strike if you get extra RP (but don't do too much and miss an RS)... little rules like that are popping up. It's more of a reactionary playstyle than the planned out rotation of DPS life. It's pretty fun.

Finally, if you're interested in Aion... here's a reposting of a reposting of the dates for the upcoming Open Beta: September 4 (Friday). There are other important dates at that link too. I'm getting excited about this one.


  1. It's ok babe.

    Even though you got one shotted by a few meesely little bosses doesn't mean you aren't loved by me :)

    Anyways, what I suggest we do is run Heroic VH until you get those sexy Blostering Legplates that have a crap ton of DEF on them. The instance is quick & painless.

    Once we get passed the:

    "Additional Instances cannot be launched, please try again later"

    Portal Humping crapola.

    I will teach you the ways of tanking my young one.

  2. @Fuubaar

    See, now, knowing enough about Ful, I just have a hard time imagining him complaining about humping anything. I mean... isn't that like, how he rolls?

    /is confused

  3. LoL... watch out for that Jessabelle, she's a sharp one.

  4. @Ful

    Hey, where did you see that Matticus was looking for officers to interview?