Tuesday, August 18, 2009

L2Meta and a Strategy that Bombs

Only two more short thoughts today as my life continues to heat up around the edges (leaving me less time than I'd like for my more decadent pass times).

First, I can personally vouch for Abi's Demo guide. I've been dual specced in demo for a while now just for fun. It also seemed to make dailies quicker and easier. Last night was really the first time I decided to run an instance as Demo. My lock has actually never completed heroic Hall of Lightning (thought my DK has, weird how that sometimes works), so I got with a group of guildies who needed it. Plus, 'blems are 'blems right?

In any case, having raided Ulduar as Affliction for the last few months, I suspected that a heroic Hall of Lightning run might not be the challenge for me it once was. As such, I decided to try running it in a completely unfamiliar spec: Demo. I'd read up on it, followed Abi's guide, even practiced a bit through dailies and on a dummy. It's a fun spec. It also is way burstier than Affliction. If makes running old crap that you can roflmaostomp in your nightmares a helluva lot of fun too.

Freaking your tank out as a big purple demon is just plain fun. Watching the group burn and stealing aggro to scare your healer because: "wtf is burst?" Actually dusting off the ol' Soul Fire spell and watching it crit for like 15k. Yeah, good times. Crit all over your face, Loken. Nova this.

Where with Affliction I would hover around the 4k DPS mark in raids (it would drop to a more abysmal 2-3k in old instances where we rolled over trash and boss alike), I was consistently up around 3.7k in the heroics I ran (we hit up ToC afterwards). The nice part was that I was really peaking with trash, which is a new feeling for me on my lock. Plus, I know I was completely sloppy and terribad at the rotation and all (what with being new to it). So, in short, it's a blast to play and definitely has the potential to put up some respectable numbers if you follow Abi's advice.

My second and final point of contention for the day is more of a WTF-type question...

Why the hell do we keep the stack of bombs right next to the gate in the new Battleground? Who came up with that bright idea? Did we like, consult the Arthas from CoS on that one?

Us: "Hey, Prince of Noob, where should we strategically place the bombs in the future?"

Arthas: "I don't f-ing know. Like, near the gate or something. $h!t, your tank is up there tanking! I gotta go screw that up. Stop asking me dumb questions! Just like zerg them and you'll have no problems... that's what I do."

And then we all said: "So shall it be. And we'll let Thrall in on this little trick too, just out of a sense of fairness. In fact, let's like share blueprints and junk."


  1. Thanks for the shout out and I'm glad you're having fun with the spec.

    I've talked to people in-game about it and I guess I talk it up quite a bit but once they've tried it some of them really dislike it. It's not for everyone but I have a blast with it.

    I'm really just glad that guide helped and hopefully some new Demonology Warlocks find it just as useful.

  2. Yeah, it's just so bursty in comparison to my affliction spec. I mean, I would guess the people that don't like it probably aren't thrilled with the numbers they see. I think, for me, I see destro as the top end, affliction second, and demo third in terms of raw raiding numbers. Each are separated by no more than 100DPS though, which is far better than we've ever had in the past.

    Affliction DPS is abysmal on groups of short lived trash (i.e. going back and running old heroics where you roflstomp the boss too), so switching to demo is a huge boost to my personal DPS in those situations. Once I get better I'm contemplating switching to it for some of the Ulduar bosses that are really affliction unfriendly.

    I really do love to charge in as a demon and lay down some wicked AoE. I just have to be careful because I'll pull off the tank sometimes.

  3. Pretty much, yeah. I just accept that I won't put out the numbers a Destruction lock would of equal skill and gear but in return I'm providing every caster in the raid with about 320 extra spellpower and our Mages love me because they don't have to spec or glyph in to Improved Scorch since I provide the same buff with Improved Shadow Bolt. It's a give and take relationship lol.

  4. Word. It's definitely good stuff.