Thursday, August 6, 2009

On Lifetapping, Extended Raid IDs, and the Emblem Changes

When scrolling through the patch notes the other day, I apparently missed this little gem:

Glyph of Lifetap: Duration of the buff from this glyph increased to 40 seconds.

That's a pretty huge increase and will be awesome I think. I'm pretty certain you should be able to fit a lifetap comfortably in your rotation every 40 seconds. In fact, I would wager that it's almost necessary on a boss fight to prevent going OOM. The key is to space them out to keep the buff up while minimizing how often you need to do it so you don't hurt your DPS. I'm thinking, for me, it'll probably end up being a tap about every other pass through the rotation.

Your goal should be to end a boss encounter, having never gone OOM throughout, as near as possible to empty on mana, minimizing your downtime. On a perfect encounter, you'd be able to sprinkle life taps into your rotation within 40 seconds (but as close to 40 seconds apart as you can), slowing your mana drain to end the fight with your last cast consuming your last mana. That'd be nearly impossible to gauge, as there are so many variables, but if you keep that goal in mind, you can probably hone your skills a bit. This change may increase the usefulness of talenting the "improved life tap" since the fewer taps you have to do, the better... especially if you can space them out to keep that buff up.

Still, the idea holds that you don't want to put
too much emphasis on keeping this buff up that you let DoTs drop off or stray from the basics. It's the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.

In other news, I ran the new Crusader dailies last night, and they're pretty fun. Nothing ground breaking, but the new landing area up north is decently interesting. If you can catch it, there is a crazy Lurker-like boss that spits at some dudes on a boat. I'm not quite sure what that is all about yet, but it's cool looking. Blizz is also setting the stage for the Black Knight's return, though you could probably guess as much from the patch notes. Still, I think I expected something a bit more epic to that end, but it was really just investigative grunt work. In any case, I like the long, over-arching story lines, so I'm not going to trash on it.

My first purchase was to pick up the tabard that'll let me "hearth" it to the tournament grounds. Totally going to be worth it as I plan to do the dailies at least until I can upgrade my squire. They did put in a summoning stone to facilitate getting groups to the instances, but I think it'll still be nice to be able to teleport there on my own as well. I look forward to running some heroics and testing out the new emblem system. Conquest emblems hit me right where I need it, as we aren't near putting Ulduar on farm and I've not gotten a whole lot of gear upgrades from there. Thus, the items purchasable with the Conquest emblems are a good upgrade for me.

I think the ID and emblem changes are really casual guild friendly. Say what you want about "easy mode" or whatever, but as an officer it really opens a lot of doors for me. What with the summer exodus and just normal guild atrophy, we've been a lot smaller as of late, raiding only with our alliance. We also probably couldn't commit to more than one 10-man day per week. Before, there wasn't a lot of interest in running nightly heroics or starting a 10-man team because you couldn't really get anywhere with that. However, with extending raid IDs and getting emblems from heroics, this allows us to progress at our own pace, not forcing us into a repetitive weekly cycle. We can actually get somewhere!

Needless to say, I think this may re-energize our guild and lead to a lot more group work, which can only be good. I would suspect a lot of small to medium sized guilds find themselves in the same boat. I know you can make cases about the negatives of the moves Blizz has made, but I'm going to go ahead and side on the positive for these changes. From where I'm sitting, it's a smart move and done well. I just wish they had seen fit to offer the extra server capacity needed for the sudden onslaught of heroic instancing. We wanted to get in and run a quick VH, but definitely couldn't as "additional instances could not be launched at this time". That sort of messages makes me want to set fire to baby bunnies. Granted, that's just plain fun, but all the same...

In any case, we're going back into Ulduar tonight, and I'm really hoping my addons are functional, or it could get messy. Of course this weekend is extremely busy for me, so I won't get to spend the quality time with the patch that I'd like to. I'm hoping next week to have experienced the new PvP stuff, analyzed my DK respec, and thus be able to write about that a bit, so stay tuned if that's your thing. That's where the real changes are anyways. Also, it'd be REALLY nice to get into some 5-mans, maybe even the new one, but some of that may be dependent on servers. Ugh.

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  1. Also as a note to all:

    If you enjoyed children's week & want a new little pet, Go to the Matron in Dalaran next to the Fishing fountain and accept the new quest there. You can pick an Oracle or a Puppy Man Wolvar orphan to show around. When you are finished with the quests & return him to Dalaran, don't be sad when you turn it in & feel like you get nothing. (I was at first and was sorta pissed about it). Go to your mailbox!

    You will find your little orphan has mailed himself (not really but it seems that way) to you to add to your growing collection.

    The quests are easy and have cute commentary. This only runs for a week, so I suggest if would like to partake in this, do it very soon.

    Happy Questing,