Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gobs of Emblems, Kologarn Tips, and Aionic Betas

I was already able to pick up that first piece of loot on my warlocky gear list, so that's cool. You earn emblems at an alarming rate when you really go for it. That was a huge upgrade for me too, netting me the "epic" achievement. Go me. Now I feel the urge to find a new trinket, but I'm not sure where that'll come from. I'm still sporting Je'Tze's Bell, which is good and all, but *shrug*.

The new dailies are pretty good, all in all. They vary enough to keep you on your toes, yet there's enough repetition that you can knock them down pretty quickly. Also, I like how they're pretty much in two areas, and then one "abroad" as it were. I sort of wish one of the pre-champion quests matched up with the post-champion quests, since it was nice to just kill 15 of one thing and get a turn in for both, but I guess that is mostly icing on the cake.

I'm hoping our Ulduar team gets past Kologarn tonight. We've been steadily slogging away at the bosses, learning about one new one every few weeks. It's a decent pace, especially for an ultra casual alliance such as ourselves. I won't be present tonight, but I have every confidence that they can carry on in my absence. I hope to pop in later on to maybe help if someone calls it an early night.

Warlocky tip of the day for Kologarn: Don't stand anywhere near where the rubble adds are being tanked.

Their AoE is nasty and will kill you right quick. Hell, I didn't even know they did an AoE damage aura because in 10-man it's relatively mild. In 25-man, however, it'll jump up an bite you. I didn't realize why I was dying so fast (there is a lot of raid wide damage on that fight) until I went over my combat log and saw some mysterious aura that was killing me. Anyways, it's a good thing to keep in mind that they do.

In addition, you would ideally have a tank with good insta-aggro abilities, as dropping a consecrate or DnD early sometimes means the rubble will run through without receiving a tick (or enough ticks) to lock them to your add tank. Warriors would be ideal. If you're a DK or Pally though, you should probably attempt to time your AoE ability for when they appear, dropping it right away to get that initial tick instantly and thus being the first one on their aggro table (hopefully you won't get an unlucky huge heal at the wrong moment too). However you do it, having this guys running amok among your caster is bad juju and their aura will make an already difficult encounter that much harder.

Finally, I wanted to point out that the final Aionic Closed Beta will be going on this weekend, kicking off at noon PDT on Friday. That should be a blasty and then some. In particular, while reading about the beta, this line caught my attention (from AionSource):

We want to conclude closed beta testing on a high note, so we are arranging a series of story-driven in-game events, in part hinting at some of the much-anticipated content forthcoming in with our massive release day patch. Keep that F5 key handy, since more information on these live events is headed your way later this week!

Woot for "story driven in-game events", whatever those may be. I will ashamedly admit that it took me a moment to realize the F5 key is the refresh key and that's what they were referring to. I was trying in vain to understand how selecting the fifth member of a party would equate information, then I realized we're talking IRL... or at least out of game. Man, I'm losing touch with reality.

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