Tuesday, September 1, 2009

For The Alliance!

Today the trend of photojournalism continues with two more pictures and small stories surrounding them. Forgive me if I'm not uber-clever today, as I'm feel pretty sick. I think I ate too many sunflower seeds at the JV football game last night which led to some sort of upper respiratory infection. Don't ask me how that can even happen, I just got like a sore upper throat immediately after the game. It's not like a yelling sore throat either, so IDK. Webmd.com here I come! (Cuz, why should I treat RL sickness any different than sickness in-game? I mean... "there's a forum for that").

Anyways, as the title might foreshadow, I have a fun picture of the aftermath of a For the Alliance run.
ZOMG, think of the scat!

As you can see, the run was obviously a success. Afterward, what better to do that congregate in Dalaran and enjoy our new reward? This wasn't really a planned event. In fact, if I remember right we had failed to get enough people to run the intended raid, so we just said screw it let's PUG some people on this random Sunday afternoon and go for it. I'm pretty sure we didn't even have a full forty. It is random things like this that keep me coming back to WoW and MMO's in general. Eventually, the scenery of any game may wear on you, but a game with a good community will stay fresh just because of the interactions of its players.

Take, for instance, picture two:
Oh, hai Mr. Fountain O' Smoke!

I was just sauntering out of the bank in Dalaran one day and... oh look, someone made a smoke fountain on the crazy floating sculpturing thing-a-ma-jig. It's the little things like these that make you smile. Or at least they make me smile. I mean, raid progression is all well and good. Hooray for lore. Yippee for achievements. They all make the game. However, things like this define the community. I think for many of us, it might be these small wonders that keep us playing. What are your favorite memories of "small wonders"?


  1. For any of you who were concerned (mainly my wife)... Acute Sinusitis is what I'm diagnosing myself with. It sucks, but is hardly life threatening. I need more water and to yell at some more kids. At least the water part...

  2. Oh great.... I don't need another sinus infection.

    There is some tomato soup in the pantry. Go heat it up & go back to bed!

    If you don't feel better by 3pm, you ARE NOT GOING TO FOOTBALL!

  3. @Fulguralis

    Isn't that like, the *point* of men getting married? You leave one mother, and attach yourself to a younger, hotter version with whom you can legally do naughty things?

  4. Ful, sweety, you really shouldn't go and get half of the team & coaches sick.

    Probably not the best use of your time.

  5. See, you just don't understand football. There is no sickness in football. Or pain. Or being tired. I wouldn't be the first person there with possible contagions, let's put it that way. I probably got it from another coach anyways.

  6. And this Ladies & Gentlemen is why MEN A F'ing STUPID!

    And they wonder why they don't live nearly as long a women. Yes, we do some stupid crap but...

    We don't blow snot rockets all over one another out of pure enjoyement.

    I rest my case.