Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Website Updates/I'm Lazy

No post today other than to point out that I updated the links on the right hand side with the new, post 3.2 information. The warlock articles didn't change since there was really nothing to affect what we do as affliction 'locks. The DK stuff definitely did, as I switched to a DW build and my rotation changed up a bit. The link is now to the newer article. I also added a link for my DW tanking build article thingy. Good stuff.


  1. LAME!

    I'm outraged by your lazyness.


  2. Honey, you're the other author on this blog... you could always, you know, write something ;-).

  3. Hey everyone! This guy's a Phony!

    A big fat phoney!


    Sorry I had to :P)

    owww look I made a fat guy with his tougue sticking out.

    New smilie of the week!

    DISCLAIMER: This comment is better than your post te hee ;)

  4. Don't make me twat about you on twitter.

  5. Is twatting what you'd call trash talking in your tweets on twitter?

  6. lol, it's the word I "made up" for that, cuz... i mean... it's funny.