Monday, August 17, 2009

Random Monday Post

I have a strange feeling this is going to degenerate over the life of this posting. Mostly because I'm catching up on the 30 or so blog posts I missed over the weekend, but also because it's Monday.

For you DW DK's out there, if you're just starting off like I am, pick up 2x's the Reaper of Dark Souls. You can get them for a decent price from the Ebon Hold Quartermaster if you're revered+. They're good, slow weapons. The ones I had linked before were most definitely fast, and that is no bueno for our DPS talents/abilities. Slow ftw. Want to know why? The short version is this... if each weapon does a the same DPS according to the tooltip and yet one is slower than the other, it means you're getting more damage per hit with the slower one. More damage per hit means a bigger hit for your abilities. This is good.

DW DK tank spec incoming. I know DW tanking is a terribad idea because of the parry mechanics on bosses, but I'm still going to do it. I'm not a main tank and I don't plan on tanking a raid any time soon, it's just for fun and to be available for the occasional heroic which we overgear. Thus, if you're interested, I'll be doing some backwards thinking around here soon (I need to get glyphs and have some time at home to pull my spec over to my post... home time has been at a premium right now).

For Affliction Warlocks, it's business as usual. It looks like we got a minor buff in the patch, but nothing to go crazy about. I'm still performing about the same, though with my glove upgrade, I jumped appreciably. After I get the mounted squire, I'm so done with dailies, though the new ones haven't been as bad, IMO.

For people looking for Cataclysm news, look elsewhere. I'm neither a credible source nor a irresponsible (as the case may be) journalist. I'm also not a regurgitator... plenty of folks have good coverage of this rumor mill elsewhere. My favorite? My boy Abi does a good job (he also updated his demonology warlocky stuff, and it's wonderful as usual). I, for one, hope it's true. I would love to see the old world revamped. I'm not hell bent on new continents with every expansion. Having a catastrophic event that irreversibly alters the landscape of Azeroth is epic win in my book. I don't give a shit what the rest of you say, it's just good juju. You can complain about "old content" all you want, but a face lift is needed if the game is to continue, IMO. Besides, what other continents can there be? A new "Inturf"? A "Southrip"? WTF do you want?

Aion closed beta 6 ends today. It's the last of the closed beta test runs. I participated and enjoyed myself. I only got to level 15 over the course of the betas, which I guess turned out to be a good thing since people were apparently behaving asshatedly at higher levels. Samodean over at Massive Nerd does a good job of ranting about it... This is really the first negativity I've seen en masse from the community. I'm still excited about the game. I expect it to be different than WoW, that is why I'll play both. It seems so counter-culture to enjoy and invest in more than one MMO game at a time, but that's what I'm going to do. Sometimes I just need a break from WoW. Not the month long variety, just a day here and there. It keeps me fresh and un-bored. I suggest you QQ'ers try it.

Can someone please explain the draw of Twitter to me? I really, honestly don't get it. Seriously, no one wants that level of detail of my life. And I don't want that level of detail of your life. Sorry, but it's true. Perhaps I just feel that life advice from celebrities has spoiled me on the whole idea...

Supposedly there's some sort of Blizzard Conference thingy going on. I'm not entirely sure though... (No, I won't be there. No vacay time for the wicked).

When the hell am I going to raid this week? The world (... of Warcraft) may never know. Football takes a helluva a lot of time! Still, planning for Friday night is sorta similar to getting ready for a raid. I mean you have to choose your team (depth charts), gear/skill up (literally and via practice), get a good strategy going in on how to minimize the boss' (other team's) abilities, and then execute. Raid leading = Coaching. You heard it here first.

That's enough for today I think.


  1. I'll chime in on the Twitter thing. Basically, I signed up to keep in touch with other Bloggers. Rarely do I go on about the minutiae of my life, and rarely do I follow those that do.

    Basically, I just use it as a cool way to promote my blog and point out interesting things I find to people with similar interests (and vice versa).

  2. I'm with Samo on Twitter. I tend to babble a bit more than he does, but I mostly use it as a way to interact with other bloggers and gamers.

    It does help with promotion of your own blog as well as others and random stuff you find online.

    I also use it as a way to exclaim something cool (or frustrating) like "omg I just got Trivium tickets!!" ;P

    It's also a good source for quick polls and/or bouncin' around post ideas... or when in search of a resource.

  3. I didn't prompt the twitter thing, did i?

    Darf HATES twitter, and uses it only to annoy other twitterers.

    i use it for random rants and thoughts. its great for that, because it forced me to be brief. except, you know, when i post about 20 twitters in a row to tell people why it's an insult to be whatevered.

  4. @Jess - lol no. Sorry, dear, but this was before our lively discussion last night (of which I desperately wish I had a transcript of), but whatever.

    I basically just pride myself on being like "up with the times"... That is to say, I'm pretty tech savvy and enjoy learning new things. Twitter is THE new thing. Twitter offends me on some sort of personal subconscious level. I think I'm going to take the plunge and set something up though. After all, I didn't get a 3G S for nothing, and y'all do look like you have so much fun on the twitterwebs. Besides, I'm sure I'm full of twit.

  5. Just add in 2 cents. Some folks over at tankspot have done some raid tests with dual wield tanking, and it turns out that the parry haste is a wash.

    Two 1-hand tanking weapons grant enough of an avoidance/expertise increase that you end up taking FEWER hits over the course of a typical boss encounter than with a comparable 2-hander.

    One definite question that comes up is threat generation through rune strike. With faster weapons you can make MORE rune strikes, but each one hits for less.

    The thing is, since both the armor AND IBF nerfs hit frost the worst, Frost is the least attractive tanking spec at the moment, so DW frost tanking is seen as doubly unattractive. But parry haste insta-gib is rare enough to be an old wives tale, and I plan on trying DW frost tanking as soon as I get some decent 1-H tanking weapons.

  6. @Vick - That's great info, thanks! Maybe it's not as doltish as I originally thought. If I ever get around to actually tanking something on my DW frosty build, I'll have to see how it goes. Right now my 'lock is gettin' all the love.

    PS - if you're looking for good 1H starter tanking weapons, the Argent Tournament has a nice one that you can buy for like 25 seals. You can double up on that and pick up some nice tanking stats.

  7. I started playing back in Vanilla WoW and I'm definitely stoked to go back and see how the world has changed completely. I'm also excited to level one of the new races through the redone quests, etc., since leveling and alts are two big interests of mine lol.

    Heroic Shadowfang Keep? Yes please! That has always been my favorite instance. Argual will be my bitch even at level 85.