Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm So Full Of Twit

So I finally caved. Yep, I got a twitter account. Let the stalking commence.

My initial impression is that it's like going to a party to meet some friends and finding the place frickin' off the hook (as it were). Then you get inside, somehow avoiding all the obstacles on the lawn, and begin to search for your friends. Unfortunately, you begin to realize that said party is taking place in like, the biggest mansion of all time (maybe the Playboy one, since I did get a rather random so-and-so referenced you and here is a picture of two girls making out so click here...). You begin to wander from cavernous room to cavernous room with no really idea or indication of where your ultimate destination might lie. Oh yeah, and you're drunk.


  1. Perhaps that's because you actually WERE drunk.

    Auriaya does not like you when you're drunk. Stop drinking+twittering while raiding, dammit.

  2. HA HA. Maybe. The snark was off the meter last night though and I, for one, loved it.

    Now that Blizzcon is here, I'm so sad I can't go, if only because I wanted to meet everyone at the TNB meetup thingy.

    I also restrung my guitar during the raid too. I'm too impatient with explanations!

  3. Hence why I drink....

    I keep myself entertained :D

  4. Well, good. I'm glad you made it to the party and had yourself a good time. ;)