Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Auction House: How I faired thus far

Hi everyone!!!

Sorry that I haven't given all of you the scoop of how I'm doing with my new experiment. I took a bunch of screenies to show you what I did and how I was doing at the time.

Meet Baggons


He was created long ago to be a bank alt but I never really got into using him. I sent Baggons 1,500 gold and let him run with it. He bought all of his bags and bank slots. I sent him all of the useful herbs that Fuubaar had in her bags (which wasn't much). With the remaining gold, I tried to buy out all reasonably priced herbs on my server.

Frost Lotus
Eternal Life

Since Fuu fishes, she gets MORE than enough Pygmys to convert to oils.

With these ingredients, I can make the 4 major Flasks and rejoice. Well, atleast this was my plan from the beginning. Now I knew that the set up was the longest process and I would have to agree. My biggest problem was when I started, the "reasonably priced" herbs were few & far between. I probably spent around 300g on the first day just doing the prep work.

What I did was buy everything I could and sent everything to Fuu to alchemize. At the beginning, it was normally only a few of each flask. Sent the remaining mats & new flasks back to Baggons. He would pick everything up, put the mats away in his bank and post the new flasks in stacks of 3. I'm not sure why I started putting them at 3 but it truely seemed to work out.

Many times I would send everything to Fuu and produce until I ran out of mats. This became VERY frustrating. I had tons of Icethorn & Lichbloom but I would be out of Frost Lotus. Frost Lotus normally runs around 30g each which is pretty much what makes or breaks your profit. I've been really trying to watch the Trade Channel in Stormwind for cheaper mats.

One day, someone was just having a hay day with the Lotus prices & marking them up by 120-200%. There was NO way I was going to pay for that so I tried to advertise buying Frost Lotus by the stack. I figured if I flashed a big number around, someone would bite. I found one guy that seemed interested but he wouldn't go for the price that I wanted so I went about my day with no more Flasks to produce.

A more recent event that I'm quite proud of was someone advertised selling 68 for 25g each! Holy cow! I was pumped. So I talked to this girl (the toon was a girl) and she opened up trade & threw 68 Frost Lotus into it. I actually freaked out a little from the sight of this. "How much do I owe you?" "1,700gold please."

NOTE: In the second picture where the arrow is, is the EXACT reason why I choose to watch the trade channel alone :D

After that transaction, I had a whopping 93gold to my little banker's name but I had FROST LOTUS! I quickly sent everything I had over to Fuu so I could start making some gold. Nothin was holding me back.

I made my gold back & much more from my investment. I am currently sitting at around 3k gold within a week. To be honest though, I thought I would be making more than this.

Since 3.2 hit, I've been doing my Transmutations with the new epic gems. It stinks that you can't make more at a time but 1 transmutation a day is still bringing in an additional 100-150g (or 700-1050g a week). I have no clue what will happen to the price once the market settles down. I hope it stays up for a little while longer so that I may partake in the fruitful market.

What I may end up doing is continue to transmute the gems every day plus the flasks. I think this will continue to bring in a steady income with pretty much little effort on my part.



  1. I second that.

    Also, I hear that if you advertise in trade for a TCG mount, and then tell people give you their log in, you can steal their toon and their 11,000 gold. that might work faster. You know... so i hear.

  2. hmmm, that's pretty creative Jess.

    Where did that come from? ;)