Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pally Power: Remembering Your Roots

Gear has always fascinated me since lvl 1. I still remember that first time I soul bound my pioneer green to Fuu. It paved the way for my hunger for more of these pretties. Once it touched my 12 slot bag, I was hooked. I found myself running up to a new questgiver just to see what joys they could offer me by just killing 10 of these or collecting 15 of those. Whoopie!

As the dings flew by, I became more and more infatuated with making sure that my greens were shiny and new until that one fateful moment: BLUE…. Oohhhh ahhhhhh.

My first blue, like many of yours, came from Deadmines (or Ragefire Chasm for you hordies out there). This was the moment that I was really excited about my class. Obviously at lvl 15, you don’t really quite understand what you are getting yourself into, but I was bright eyed and bushy tailed during my noobish age. I then persisted to rip through instance after instance for those breathtaking blues. 40’s, 50’s, 60’s swiftly streamed by in a mad blur. I was so eager to reach that key lvl of 70 that Fulguralis and I frightened our guild members with our speed.

The first time Generations took down Gruul, guild chat went into an uproar with excitement and cheering. I wanted so badly to partake in these events and feel epic.

At last, our “final” ding had occurred and we were met with, “When do you guys wanna run Kara?” I felt like Ful & I’s adventure had just begun within our guild.

I wanted to be as active as possible so that I could learn as much hands on tanking as I could. If you remember from my previous post, our guild did not have a raiding lvl pally tank that was active. The majority of the heroics and Kara’s that we ran consisted of our Affliction Lock, Holy Priest, me as my Prot, usually a druid tank (hurray a furry butt that I get to stare at), and some other uber DPS from the guild.

Obviously, specced as a prot, I was about as useful as a poopy flavored lollipop and most of the time I would just throw down a consecrate and auto attack. Since our druid tank was almost ready for Black Temple raiding, he was just there to teach me some extremely useful techniques that weren’t really class specific but were tank specific. These wonderful people were the biggest part of how I received my uber lootz and my appreciation for my class and spec.

Epic loot aka “The Purple Stuff” (not the stuff in the back of the refrigerator in a Sunny- D commercial) can make a man giddy. I was so nervous about making double sure that it was better than my questing blues and triple checking to loot the proper gear from the dead boss lying on the floor. I was actually shaking a little… I know, I know… NERD!

This grew a flame in my belly so deep that I couldn’t help but want to ask to run another instance, or join in on a raid. Once I got a few Karazhans under my belt, I started running 25-man raids with a friend of mine. All of my questing blues were long gone by then, and these runs where just to see how hard I could push myself to witness higher and higher endgame content.

When WotLK went live, people were finding it very hard to digest that the blood & sweat they put in to gearing up for ZA and the Sunwell was being replaced by questing greens. Shouldn’t this be one of those exciting moments that we had previously realized during our first greens? What’s so different now? Is something being ripped away from us? Is it the many hours of Kara runs for that single drop or was it many body runs that you had to do to get that final boss to hit the floor? Whatever your reasoning behind the replacement frustration, it's completely understandable but just think... at 80, we have a chance to experience all of the new content and replacing that hard to get gear from before with the new purples will be just as exciting if not more.

Now I know by now that the original shock has long worn off but do not forget all of those exciting moments of your first gorgeous greens, your brilliant blues, and your perfect purples.

Gear will come and go, but that moment of excitement will last you until you are senile.

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  1. Ah I still remember my first blue ever. Sadly, RFC never dropped blue loot until a more recent patch so Hordes first shot at blues were in Wailing Caverns. I picked up the wand from the rare spawn inside and had no idea what the blue text even meant lol. We were all noobs once.

    Epics are addicting.. once you get one you want 100 more.