Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's a Long Way To The Top

I promised some vertigo inspiring photographs, so today I will fulfill that obligation.

The first comes with a back story besides just being cool looking. If you are paying any attention at all to the holiday quests, you may have noticed that one requires you to "Bomb Them Again". To unlock this daily quest in Blade's Edge Mountain requires a rather lengthy chain of quests which finds you becoming king of the ogres among other things. As a fresh new 80, these old 70 quests are child's play.

EXCEPT... at one stage you need 5 people to summon one of the elite boss-types that you have to face. I though Blizz was doing away with all these "require ## to summon" in old content? You'd think they'd revisit this quest specifically for those of us who didn't do it prior to the holiday quests. I mean, not everyone got the attunement with the skyguard, etc.

Nope, still need 5 people, even though two 80's can easily smoke this guy. But wait, maybe we can get by with 4? To give you an idea of the puzzle, here's the arial view:

The idea is that someone stands in each of the swirling circles, forming a pentagram, and an evil ogre is summoned for the killing. We were having trouble finding 5 people who wanted to travel out to BE for some stupid old chain quest, so we eventually were able to round up only 4. That's okay, we've read it can be done with for on WoWHead FTW. Lets give it a try.

That's when Fuu had a brilliant idea: "Hey, don't you have that new portal-spell thingy and can zip real quick-like betwixt two circles?" OH YEAH!

/cast portal
Everyone gets in position... and then: ZAP ----> Portal...

Did it work? ...NO!
W... T... F.... I'll just run back to the other one and try again.

Oh, NOW he shows up.
/pwn ogre

So it CAN be done with 4, but apparently your portal thingy won't help... Just run between the two on a mount. In any case, Fuu and I were able to finish the rest of the chain after that with no problems and greatly enjoyed the bombing run on reindeer. Just try not to get knocked off by the cannons. Evasive flying FTW.

The other two pictures don't have nearly as exciting of a story, but see if you can figure out where they are located, shouldn't be too hard.




  1. not sure where #1 is from but #2 is the way down to make Ebonweave cloth... also the short quest chain for the ghostly little boy. What in the heck is he doing there??? I forgot the story line for him already.

  2. lol yeah, Icecrown Citadel. I think of it is as the place the emperor died in star wars. Lich King's heart is down there (sorry spoliers).

  3. it looks like a floaty red shard

    "I wouldn't do that if I were you" Replys the creepy boy in a well.

  4. The hint for #2 would be that you usually get up there in a special suit. Easy enough...