Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Can Haz PvP Skillz?

Okay, so you caught me. I've taken a sudden liking to PvP. This isn't to say I'm running BGs or looking into doing arena, 'cause I'm not. PvE is still where it's at as far as this warlock is concerned. However, Wintergrasp is just so damned fun. I can't get around it.

I look forward to the countdown, run back to Dalaran, and SIEGE TIME! It provides a great little break between running quests or whatever else I'm doing and tends to keep me on task. One of my favorite things to do at the end of the night is go hit up a WG. It seems to be the perfect length of time to not feel too long or too short. Plus, did I mention its just fun?

You don't really get a whole lot out of it. Maybe some nice cash if you complete the dailies there and a cool bear mount if you save up your shards. But, the actual Wintergrasp marks of honor are worthless right now, and you can get the shards from instancing just as easily. And I still love to instance when we can get enough people on, so shard saving isn't really the goal.

No, there really is no excuse for my sudden liking of PvP other than enjoyment. And I've found its carrying over into other aspects of the game for me. Now that I've gotten my feet wet with a little PvP action in WG, I find myself more likely to flag out in the world just for grins. When I see that annoying message pop up in the local defense channel about being attacked, I come running to see if I can help. It's fun. You got some daily quests that'll permanently flag me PvP? Bring it on! Horde heads are gonna roll!

I may even be somewhat decent at it (probably not). Yesterday, someone thought they were being cute by attacking a lower level area in Northrend (Amberpine Lodge) and all the lowbie alliance were just standing around watching him. Unfortunately for this individual, the angel of death (me) swooped in on his newly acquired epic mount and wtfpwned his ass. In this persons defence, I'm sure they never saw me falling from the sky on top of them while hitting deathcoil, dotting him, then fearing him to death. There was really no recourse for this person. They may have trinketed out of the fear, but I had another coming in on its heals, as I've learned to do. Dots were already up and ticking. I had had the element of surprise.

He died, I /spit, mounted, and left. I'm sure the lowbies were probably sitting there like wtf just happened. At the very least, I had a good laugh and really enjoyed myself doing something completely unproductive. I did not camp, this wasn't a greifing thing. I just am not letting you attack my cities without an attempted response.

And I got to thinking. Wow, maybe I've picked up a thing or two regarding PvP by all this WG nonsense. And maybe these things have made me understand my class a bit better. And now I know why warlocks hate Paladins who bubble and clear all their hastily applied dots before three wacking the slow clothie (I wish we had blink).

In short, PvP has been a valuable learning experience for me. Perhaps it could be for you. This isn't to say I'm some god at PvP, because I'll get wtfpwned just as much as the next guy, it just can add a dimension of fun knowing that, even as a clothie, you can take care of yourself againts other players.

However, if you're going to do some PvP, keep these things in mind:
  1. You're going to die, a lot.
  2. You're going to feel like a complete noob sometimes.
  3. You're going to feel godly sometimes, don't let it go to your head and refer to #2.
  4. You may not feel productive if you're used to just PvE. But is it FUN?
  5. Ever play rock, paper, scissors? That's kinda what PvP is. If you're throwing paper and someone is throwing scissors, you're going to get cut up every time. Try throwing rock(s).
  6. A good PvP fight may be decided in the first few seconds, pay attention to what you did/didn't do, and maybe you'll learn something. See above rock, paper, scissor analogy.
  7. Don't be a PITA in a BG. You're supposed to be working as a team, keep that in mind. If you're off gathering while I'm protecting the base, I'm gonna be pissed at you.
  8. It is perfectly acceptable to use your environment. That's what it's there for. We're not the redcoats marching at each other with drums and hoping the first bullet doesn't hit us in the front lines. Hide behind that wall after throwing out a dot FTW.
  9. Fear, Fear, Fear. As a warlock, you're gonna die if you don't make them pull out their hair in frustration and throw their keyboard against a wall first.
  10. Dot, Dot, Dot. Instant dots are the best. Jump out, throw a CoA, Corr, SL and jump back into hiding. Oooh that pisses 'em off. Just be ready to fear when the come around the corner looking for you.
  11. Retreat is always a valid strategy, just don't leave everyone else hanging, coordinate that shit.
  12. Winning against your opponent feels good. Revel in that.
That's about it, just some thoughts I've had recently that I wanted to share in case some of you were thinking of dabbling in PvP. It CAN be done just for fun and on occasion. AND you might get something out of it without grinding for gear or rep. It's not a complete waste to go, have fun, and learn how to play your class. I can bet that if shit hits the fan in your next heroic instance and you can fear, kite, dot, and run a single mob to death, people might think you're the coolest thing since sliced bread. Maybe not, but at least you gave yourself a shot at living, right?


  1. hehe, PvP often has its rewards. Being a warlock in BGs, we are god if we learn to be the backline arsenal. Let that meaty warrior get all the attention while we dot everyone up and UA them too, we love to see healers decurse that UA and get blam!!!

    as far as cockroaches goes, fear them early to make them blow their bubble, then just survive their 6 seconds of terror then they are yours to do with as you please. Most of them either hates us or fear us, but they most often die to us.

  2. But those 6 Seconds of Terror are some nasty Stuff ;)

    Ful hates when I bubble...

    "It shouldn't wipe the DoT's" He proclaims!

    Cockroaches FTW!

    I fear no "Special Mage"