Monday, December 15, 2008

Flock of Seagulls and Portal Usage

No, I'm not talking about the band or the haircut. This is about a rather humorous glitch. If you've been questing in Icecrown, you may have noticed this. I will keep with my policy to try and not spoil story lines in my explanation, so don't worry about that.

So if you go over to the far left side of your map (NW of Icecrown Citadel), you may find a nifty perch on the face of a cliff that contains some Knights of the Ebon Blade who will offer you some questing opportunities. One of these quests requires that you fly to the nearby Scarlet Onslaught enclave and steal a gryphon from one of their air patrol.

Completing this task will give you a quest item in your inventory that lets you summon a fast gryphon. This alone is pretty fun, especially for those of us without an epic flying mount. However, that is not the fun part of this quest.

In stealing our gryphons, Fuu and I happened to be accosted by other members of the onslaught that did not agree with our methodology of acquisition. So we fought them. We could have run away, but where's the fun in that? While we dispatched of these heathen, our recently summoned quest-bird floated faithfully nearby.

We thought, let's just hop back on, and tried to no avail. Well... lets try using that quest item again since it's still in our bags. Wahoo!
But wait... the other bird is still there? No we have two birds. I wonder...

/use quest item
/spawn new bird... making that three birds
Oh boy! A glitch! Do they follow us?

/fly away
birds = /follow

Yippee! Look at my flock!

So we each spawned about 10 birds and flew around like something from an Alfred Hitchcock movie. It was pretty fun, so here are some pics so you can see what I'm talking about.

Squadron... Charge!

Oh... You only wanted one? Um...

You shouldn't be worried about the dead body, instead... SCUBA birds?! Swarm the Shark!

Needless to say, Fuu and I had a bit of fun with our flock of birds.
To make this post more worthwhile for the warlocks out there, I thought I'd also mention one very clever usage for that level 80 'lock portal spell. I can't take credit, rather it was a clever demo/destro lock that helped us out in a heroic last night that I noticed doing it, but I thought it was worth relating.

Basically, before every boss fight he'd set his portal somewhere in away from the action, but near enough to where he was fighting to be able to use it. This came in handy when the tank died (poor Fuu) and the boss ran at us. We were able to kite some of the slower ones around while keeping it insta-dotted and the portal was a key component of this method to give us space. It allowed us to save a couple of boss fights from being a wipe, even with all ranged DPS (no OT-types).

It may be good practice to do this "just in case" at the start of most fights, similar to making sure you have a soulstone up. Who knows, you just may save the day!

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