Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Return to the Skies

I can't complain with the variety of flight masters that Blizz has given us. While you're leveling, you get to ride in everything from a bomber to a red dragon.

Additionally, you can tell they really kept in mind that people love to fly, as there are a plethora of breathtaking scenes that can only be viewed from the air. Not to mention seeing a scourge mothership everywhere you look. Seriously, where is the ship yard they use to build all this things? How do they fly? Can they shoot a cool beam down like the ships in Independence Day, because they look like they should be able to.

Take Off Every Zigg!

In any case, it makes for some good random pictures.

Despite the quality of the commercial airlines, it was still a relief to hit 77 and return to the skies on my own mount. Sadly, I have not yet amassed enough gold to purchase the fast one, so it is the much slower, normal mount. However, it is still very nice to be able to fly wherever I want. For the most part, that is...

You see, apparently, there are some "no-fly" zones and Dalaran is one of these. Take care, or you will be ejected from your mount. The good part is that they saw fit to equip your private aircraft with a parachute. The bad part is that you can't control your descent in any way. As such, in my first attempt to get a picture of Dalaran, I, umm, overshot the city and ended up with this: a painstakingly slow trip to the ground.

Wide Right

Not exactly a Kodak moment. On my second try though, I was able to hover at the edges of the no-fly zone and think I got a pretty decent picture of the magical city of Dalaran.

Stay Out of the "No Zones"

What a wonderfully designed city. Not only does it look pretty, but its well laid out as well. Its not too difficult to find anything, and the shopping district is easy to get around in. Also, there are many banks just around the corners. Much easier to navigate than Shattrath, even though Shatt wasn't all that bad.

Fuubaar, of course, loves the pet store. I can't say I see the draw, but I guess that's because I'm used to ordering my pets around as slaves and not just having them there because "they're pretty". Besides, my puppy doesn't eat treats, he eats mobs. He also does not like water: they don't have water where he comes from.

The first thing Fuu did? Fed and watered her chicken. Then proclaimed it in gchat for all to see. If you're going to discuss what you do with your chicken in public, be prepared for the snarky remarks :-).

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  1. And remember kids.. Wintergrasp is a no fly zone. Not paying attention, getting ejected and landing in a pile of bloodthirsty Alliance (or Horde) is not the way you want to go out.